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SWFC + Barnsley available combined best 11

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Seeing as some people (probably pork) have been complaining saying that we should beat Barnsley based on the fact our players are on more and Jos should go if we don’t win( which is ridiculous) I thought I’d make a combined 11 seeing as I watch a lot of championship football. I’ve included Pinillos because even though he’s just joined he was decent at Forest and I can’t put Morgan Fox in a best 11. There’s only four Wednesday players in there and including Fred over Pinnock is debatable. None of their first 11 would get into our fully fit 11 apart from either Lindsay or Yiadom. However, we don’t have that 11 at the moment, Jos has a ridiculously hard job at the moment and if he can win this game he deserves plaudits.



Yiadom  Fred Lindsay Pinillos

Williams Jones Gardner

Hammill Bradshaw Reach 

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24 minutes ago, lancashireowl said:

The George Boyd of his Burnley days would walk in. Yet to see his best since he came here.

Totally agree we haven't seen it. Probably down to his injury. But they offered him an extension for a reason. 


Concerns me that 532 doesn't suit him though. Just as 442 never suited an abdi (except he's forever broken)


Hope it doesn't turn out as another where we sign quality experienced players and they don't fit.


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