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Swansea tickets..

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Just now, kristmace said:

Delayed getting them as I wasn't sure whether one or both kids were coming. Missus has decided to come too now, so I've really struggled to get 4 decent seats together on North or South. 


You got them though which is the important bit

Enjoy :)


Owlstalk Shop




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14 hours ago, bradowl said:


Don't forget it's £20 on day instead of bargain £15. 

I thought it was £15 season ticket holders and £20 for everyone else .......


9 hours ago, coopswfc76 said:

With hindsight we should have shut Grandstand and Upper Leppings lane for this game to get people closer to the action although would still look empty if no bugger can be arsed to turn up.

bugger off shut the grandstand ,last 2 games I had to go in the kop & north and hated it . 

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18 hours ago, mkowl said:

Should have really turned this into a Carlos lovers v Carlos haters competition 


North for haters

South for lovers

Kop - for those confused by the question


Whoever sold most seats would be crowned the winner 


Well that's confused me because I'm having a change today from the kop to the south, I'm regretting that decision though now. 

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