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George Hirst, Fernando Forestieri, Gary Hooper, Steven Fletcher

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Gary Hooper - Hip problem, started of as something minimal, then all of a sudden he was out for months. Posted a picture of his new boots at the weekend with football socks on, so maybe he's training again?


Fessi - Knee op, was supposed to be back in January, then we got told it would be a few months after this, training in Spain, but since Jos has taken over the videos of training have stopped.


Fletcher - Never heard any updates on him, does Joe even know he's on our books? who knows.


Hirst - Snake


Bannan - Back running and training.


Tom Lees - Back running.


Kieran Lee - No idea, last thing I heard were the Twitter retirement rumours, don't believe them though.


Abdi - Probably best not to speak about him, the only good thing is, we get regular updates on what his current injury is. But the guy isn't ever going to play for us is he?


Hutchinson - Again, hardly any updates on him, is it his hip as well? - Who knows....we miss him


Westwood - Again, was this also a Hip injury? I remember seeing a Tweet saying he was around 2 months away.


Van Aken - No idea what's happening, a young player with no injury record, comes to s6 and all of a sudden he's out for months...


Anyone else?!



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11 minutes ago, Owlbert Einstein said:

Wouldn't be a bad idea to give fans an update, at least on players who are close. Our players seem to get injured and go completely off the radar, never to be seen again until suddenly they're in starting eleven...crazy.

And don’t forget the setbacks just as they step up training so going back to square one !! 

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:

I thought Lees and Bannan had suffered 'setbacks' last week?


From what I understood Bannan trained but felt something, not so much a set back, but just realising he's not quite ready.


I could be wrong though

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