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Anyone remember this promotion moment?

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Remember it like it was yesterday. 

Used to stand on the uncovered Kop in those days with my old mates.

Clearly remember during the after match celebrations Gary Megson walking up close to us through the kop fences and shouting "phookin brilliant!"


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8 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


Yes, sat in old man's all season, courtesy of free season tickets due to my best friends Dad then working as a scout and youth team coach. (as a 14 year old think me and my mate were the youngest in the covered seats)

What a year, what a team what a time.

In the words of Cher "if I could turn back time" that's when I would go back too.

Happy times for this nostalgic old git!.

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I was 15 and had been following Wednesday seven years. I had attended all of the home games and 10 away that season. I delivered papers and volunteered for all the extra rounds so I could follow Wednesday. Is it really 34 years ago? 

That 83-84 side is the club, the manager, the players, ground, kit and supporters I love to this day.  They will be part of me forever. My Wednesday.  Literally, Wednesday till I die.

I still dip into the programmes all these years later. 

I also remember watching that Yorkshire TV production the following day with my mum and dad. They were so happy. We all were. Great memories.

Thank you for putting it on owlstalk. 

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We beat Grimsby the week before this 1-0 with another Sterland penalty as well if I’m not mistaken. What a legend. Was at that match too. Great times. Want them back. Seemed more fun in those days, and not just because we were doing well and not just because I was only 12 at the time.

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11 hours ago, parkfieldowl14 said:

i was there.Nearly got crushed in the middle section of the kop every time the crowd surged forward. WTF:

Exactly same for me too! Been trying to spot myself, but haven't managed it yet!

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