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So-called goal

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Okay I'm getting really annoyed now. I've read various reports saying Cardiff scored a perfectly good goal and it shouldn't have been disallowed. 


What goal? The whistle had gone well before the guy struck it. I wasn't even remotely bothered that the ball went in the net because nobody bothered with it. The only surprise to me was that the Cardiff fans cheered it. Perhaps they didn't hear the whistle. I don't know if it came across different on TV. I don't know if it was a foul or not but the whistle had already gone. You can't claim a disallowed goal when play had already stopped. Okay - rant over.

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I too found that annoying,


If Wildsmith had needed to save it he would still have had time to take his gloves off, pick his nose, put his gloves back, light a cigar and then perform a perfect Higuita.


The only question mark was whether it was a foul or not

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Cardiff wouldn't have scored anyway. I had a perfect view from the Kop end of the North Stand.

Wildsmith heard the whistle and didn't even attempt what would have been a fairly routine save for him.


Wildsmith by the way is now fulfilling his England youth  potential and becoming a first class keeper.

Thornilly had a very solid debut too. So pleasing to see some of our own youngsters being given a chance.

Westwood and Loovens take note.


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Wildsmith didn’t even stretch for it

granted it was a good strike but we had already pulled up from play

it was just like watching the teams warm up before a game , it went over the keeper but he wasn’t going to over-stretch for it and risk pulling something

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4 minutes ago, Ever the pessimist said:


That is an interesting point: will players have to start playing on after whistle/ flag in case initial decision is incorrect?


Thats what I think, and is why I'm not in favour (it's ok in some situations).

What I think will really happen, is that refs and linesmen won't give decisions unless absolutely sure and will rely on VAR to retrospectively correct any mistakes.

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5 minutes ago, Eastleigh Owl said:

No goal cos whistle had gone, but it wasn't a foul either, young Thorniley tried to out muscle their bloke and was found lacking, all part of the learning curve for the young un, he got away with that one, hopefully he'll not make the same mistake to often in the future. 


He didn’t out muscle him he barged him in the middle of the back. That is a foul

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