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Wednesday chants through the years

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On 1/15/2018 at 02:28, jamiejohn said:

What was the one that started bobby bolder in goal and ended everybody rock n roll 


it was summat like 

Bobby bolder in the net

Mark Smith in defence

Andy Mac Scores a goal

everybody rock n roll


one of my favourites was:

We're all mad, we're insane

no one takes the leppings lane

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remember being at grimsby in about 81, we were fenced in on one end and older grimsby fans were up against the fence on their side, with a couple of young scallies thrown in lookin' for a bit of banter.

plenty of noise from our travelling support as usual.

we opened well, but grimsby were a bit of a bogey team for us at that time, and around say 20 minutes in they scored, of course their support was celebrating the goal, but these two scallies couldn't avoid going over the top lookin' for a reaction, when our supporters broke into 'COME FOR THE FIGHTING, WE'VE ONLY COME FOR THE FIGHTING' i'll never forget the look on the scallies faces, talk about shat yourself, if you'd have chucked a couple of tigers over the fence they'd have been less scared.

as for the 'wednesday boys we are here' i thought i first heard it from villa fans in about 74ish.

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On 13/01/2018 at 22:27, selbyowls said:

I will tell you another

Arsenal 5 games.fa cup 3rd round<went to em all 1 hillsborough,1 highbury, 3 filbert street,>

We proud of you.


i remember the shouts of 'break his legs, break his f**king legs' every time liam brady was on the ball.

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On 13/01/2018 at 22:45, legendaryswan said:

And the players are all aboard,jim mcalliog and david ford,we all live on a blue & white kop

'kin 'ell, that's going back, i remember as a kid there was an orchard at the bottom of the village with a stone wall and big green fence with mccalliog and ford painted on it.

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help me out here, 'there is a circus in the town, in the town, harry haslam is a clown, is a clown, there's (fill the names in if you can) xxxx and XXXX too, there like monkeys in the zoo, in the zoo'.

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As mentioned many times, We never seem to sing 'The Wednesday' anymore. I remember a few years ago we played Barnsley away on a Sunday evening and as I got out of the car in the town centre all I could hear was 'The Wednesday' filling the air coming from the train station.  Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. 


Also not heard 'we're by far the greatest team...' for a long time. 


One from the 80's 'ole, ole, ole, ole. Wednesday, Wednesday'

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17 minutes ago, sherlyegg said:


Thought it was, 'Hi ho Wednesday...Wednesday Hi ho'


Well I didn't/don't owe Wednesday foookall anyway, so that's what I sung lol

Yes your right but from Sheffield I don't prenounce my H,s..perhaps should have put just I O Wednesday.....Wednesday I O

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On ‎13‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 22:54, torryowl said:

I think that was a rovrum song mate .......

4 negs for that .......but i'm right , Quinn left in sept 67 the song was 1st  released in January 1968 

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On 1/13/2018 at 23:57, Chilli said:

My old man said be a piggy fan, I said f*ck off b*llocks your a c*nt, we'll take the Shoreham and all that's in it, we'll take the Shoreham in just one minute, with hatchets and hammers, axes and spanners, we'll show the b*stards how its done, well you'll never take the Limit with the Wednesday fans in it, cos the BBC ran home.


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Did anyone remember this from the 60s - sung to the tune of MacNamara's Band ?

His name is Johnny Ritchie he's the leader of our team,

He's the greatest centre forward that the world has ever seen,

He plays for Sheffield Wednesday they're the best team in the land,

And when we win the Cup this year, perhaps you'll understand....la, la la etc

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“We’re winning away, we’re winning away - how s**t must you be, we’re winning away “


Heard at St Andrews earlier this season, sadly not at the very end of the match though 

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