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What's Needed?

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So after his first few days with the team, the knowledge of how he likes his players to play and the fact that his previous preferred formation (I think last night was more needs must to match up against United) being 4-2-3-1, what do you think is needed to strengthen in January for the end of the season run in?


I think one permanent signing and a handful of good young loans would be all that's needed to add to the mix of our returning injured players and promoted development players. 


Permanently I'd do all I could to sign Adam Clayton who for whatever reason has fallen out of favour at Boro. At 28 he's a perfect age and is perfect for how Jos likes to play. He'd sit in front of the back four and be completely unselfish, covering full back surges and midfield runners.


Loan wise I'd look to bring in 4, maybe 5 if the rules allow. It's quality loans that are required.

Tuanzebe of Man Utd would be a great addition at RB as he's highly rated and Untied are willing to allow out on loan.

Luke Garbutt has never kicked on at Everton and would be a safe loan option at LB.

I still believe we are short on height and pace at CB so one of either Aderabioyo of Man City (possible) or Foyth of Spurs (unlikely) would help here.

Further forward it would be awesome if we went in for someone like Grujic from Liverpool who never gets a look in because of the quality they have in midfield.

Finally I think if Jos does like to play with one up front then I don't think we currently have the right player to lead the line (which is most unfortunate for Hooper). Nearest we have who could stretch the defence is Joao but would love to see someone like Connor Wickham back on loan.





Tuanzebe            Lees               Aderabioyo           Garbutt

(Hunt)                 (Venancio)       (Van Aken)            (Pudil)


                          Clayton            Bannan

                          (Hutchinson)    (Lee)


          Reach                Forestieri            Grujic

          (Wallace)            (Abdi)                 (Boyd)





Available: Dawson, Palmer, Loovens, Fox, Jones, Butterfield, Matias, Rhodes, Fletcher, Hooper, Nuhiu.


I don't think the above would break the bank and is safer than bringing in permanent deals. The team would be full of hungry individuals, There's nothing to say we couldn't claw back some cash from the likes of Matias, Rhodes, Fletcher or even Hooper unfortunately if they don't fit the method and style of the manager.

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4 minutes ago, heppers said:

I think we have a good squad. 


Get players back fit, a decent CB, a physical midfielder. Rocking our ***** off.


Just now, S36 OWL said:


And some pace down the flanks and we are sorted. 


Job done.

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5 minutes ago, pazowl55 said:

We ain't going to be signing 6 players for the first 11. By the time march comes we will have about 30 players to choose from.

Be lucky to sign half that and I would take a guess that we won't be familiar with any of them.


You could well be right. I’d be happy with that for the start of next season though.

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The managers shown he can make the defensive players we have solid enough, even with 10 men we weren't ever stretched.


We looked ok on the counter but still very slow, to make it more effective we need some pace.


A couple of fast players will change the dynamic considerably, Brentford killed us just by having a bit of pace.


FF will come in and give us that bit of creativity but he cant do it on is own, we need a couple of other options.


Joao was done at about 55 mins, which is understandable with his lack of games but we need to keep a threat going forward.

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4 minutes ago, heppers said:


Do you think Reach and FF could be the answer on the flanks?


Possibly. They're both 2 of our most hard-working players..


This is an interesting article about Jos' preferred formation.




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In a 3-5-2 I would play FF in the number 10 or a second striker playing off a CF.


In a 4-2-3-1 I would play FF in any 3 of the AM positions.


Now the gold plated solution for me is to have Rhodes/Fletcher in the CF position with 3 AM players who are mobile enough to support the CF.


Man City front 4

Stirling - Silva - Sane


Man Utd front 4

Rasford - Lingard - Martial


Liverpool front 4 before Coutinho left

Salah - Coutinho - Mane



SWFC by signing 1 player

Pace - Hooper -Forestieri



SWFC by signing 2 players

Pace - FF - Pace



If we can get 2 pacey players in this window I would be over the moon.









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