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Today’s fixtures and their potential impact on the owls

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Cardiff vs Sunderland

Dingles vs Wolves

Brum  vs Derby 

Brentford vs Notlob

Bristol City vs Norwich

Burton vs QPR

Hull vs Reading

Ipswich vs Leeds

Boro vs Fulham

Millwall vs Preston

Forest vs Villa


Seems to be a nice mixture of home and away wins in that bunch. QPR, Reading (with a few goals) And Milwall will all go above us with wins which would leave us 18th. Obviously, unlikely they will all win. All in 50/50 games. Burton and QPR are similar level, as are Reading and Hull. Preston are better than Millwall but Millwall’s home record is amazing given their position. Big game at the bottom today as you would begin to fear for the loser in Hull vs Reading and Burton vs QPR.


At the top Wolves are playing Dingles, they will win. Derby are at Brum, big game and you could maybe see Derby slipping up given Brum’s recent run. They kind of need to win otherwise they may be cut adrift by a few teams who have winnable games. Cardiff should beat Sunderland and Leeds are at Ipswich which is a difficult one to call. Brizzle host Norwich where you would imagine Bristol City would win, especially given Pritchard has just left. Boro - Fulham is a good game and a great chance for Boro to begin to start motoring up the league. Preston have a great chance to get in and around again, as do Brentford. Villa will likely beat Forest tonight though they do have a new manager. All in all an exciting day for many teams in the championship and could be a big one in the season.

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