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Sheffield Wednesday Press Conference - LIVE NOW

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this fellas growing on me I think we will be ok in the long run  if he can find the confidence in the players that they have lost  working under Carlos, fingers crossed we see a result tomorrow either by a win or draw but in essence the players showing 150% on the pitch would make a change  , that is all we can ask for 


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7 minutes ago, stowyowl said:

Talking about being aware of Sheff Utd's game but that isn't the only focus, we need to know our own game and what we can do. Excellent.


Very different to what Carlos would say, he use to really annoy me praising the opponents in every press conference.

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He wants the team fitter and has had them doing more fitness training


The focus is going with players who can give 100%

The medical team are working every hour of every day to get players back on the field


It was very difficult when going into a new team. You have to look at what they have done in the past. I have studied games and what the team have done to learn from that

For now it's a hard situation as only have 3 or 4 days and not the seven weeks you'd have in preseason


We have this week 4/5/6 players from Under 23's playing in 11 vs 11 

It's a chance for the young players to maybe play tomorrow 

1 of them is definitely in the 18 player squad for the game

A lot of players are injured so we must also accept now that when they come back we must have patience but we must also focus and concentrate every day on the next game. 

Modern football changes every day so we keep an eye on what is happening next week

Re transfer window - I studied the whole team yesterday (all the players are in and there), there are no players who stay on the pitch so I cannot say today we need a midfielder, defender or attacker so I must have patience for what we do in the future transfer wise


The focus is for tomorrow and the next games. We must try to give what we have. (sounds like he's not expecting new players there?)


Tomorrow is a special game for everyone. 
Derby games are special

I as a manager have respect for every opponent. 

We must try to give our best and we know we lost the first game so we try to change the situation tomorrow


We have spoke as a team about the last game and the team don't have a lot of confidence in general but there's a motivation for this game and if we win we have a turn around in the league


We must win and take three point away and it can turn the season around


I have had fantastic derbies in Germany and other countries and I think tomorrow I can use what  learnt


The gameplan - I cannot say today *laughs*! My team had not enough confidence. They need stability. We must have strong defending. We will go into attacking but must have strong balance.

We must try tomorrow to make a good performance on the back of all the training we've done


When you don't win a derby you're not happy with that. We will win and get the best feeling and also with the fans. We will give everything so we can win tomorrow.

The last few days we have studied Sheffield United's qualities so we must have tools so we can stop their quality

We have done a lot of work with videos so the players know what to expect and what we must do.


It must be a good performance from us

We must not just look at opponents but look at ourselves so every player knows what they are doing, working together and winning together. It's hard in this situation to play this derby tomorrow.

It will be a fast game. It will be an atmosphere with emotions so needs strong mental approach

I hope we put in a good performance tomorrow


If we win tomorrow I will sleep very well


We go very positive tomorrow to the game and see what happens

The players tomorrow have a second chance to put a good result in against United

Am now four days in Sheffield but only from hotel to training ground so haven't seen the city or anythign else. My focus must be on the team.

If I stay longer I will have the time to see Sheffield but first now it's my job to work with the team.


The last few days I have spoken to a lot of people about the club, the derby. The people are very positive and very nice so I have a good feeling.


Last Saturday the team gave a good performance but had forgotten to score goals so we have to change that and make goals

Defensive stability and make chances to make goals. It's not easy but we start tomorrow


The players are very open to our vision and philosophy. Before me there was another manager for 2.5 years. I must try to go my way with my vision. IT's the same for the players. 

We try to be direct and honest with players and if they don't understand something we try to help


I'm not the important person tomorrow. I will help the team 100% but tomorrow the players must have confidence and feeling that they can win the game tomorrow.


Every game they win will help them become more confdent

We only have 13/14 players from the first team available to me

I need to see what we can do with these players to get the best from it/them.

Together we must find the best way for tomorrow and the future.


Tomorrow is not a normal game. It is a Derby.



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Feel more confident about this appointment every time I hear him speak, of course talk is cheap and will be interesting to see what happens on the pitch. It won't happen overnight, but seems a very pragmatic person, won't over complicate instructions to players and hopefully all players know exactly what their role is and what is expected of them.

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