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Arctic Monkeys 2018

Night King

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17 hours ago, acquiescefc said:

You must be reading my mind. Was thinking exactly the same earlier.


On the subject of the courteeners, they annoy me that they are not called the Cortinas. Much better name. Be gone in a few years anyway.


Some mad stuff coming out of this thread, its fantastic.


Im off to rearrange my Summer albums now..lol


Courteeners have been around for a decade. 

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Think it'll polarise current fanbase.


AM bandwagoners (as I've seen them called elsewhere) will likely hate it.


Diehards will love it because it's anything that Alex Turner makes.


I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I appreciate it musically but it wasn't what I was expecting from an Arctic Monkeys album.


Intrigued as to how they'll fit the current album into concert setlists. Or back catalogue. Time shall tell...

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42 minutes ago, aussieowl87 said:


What kinds of bits and pieces? Album aside, obviously...


Deliberating whether or not to head up tomorrow.


Totes bags, cassettes, keyrings, lyric books (paper and hard back), previous albums, posters, gold vinyl. 


There's a documentary of the La Frette recordings playing as you queue up. 

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I liked the idea of a slower album, something different. I think its 6 albums so its time for a reinvention. I'm not coming at this from the "lads, lads, lads" perspective but the album is self-indulgent nonsense. The lyrics are far too complex and wordy for the limited arrangements he can put together with a piano. He learnt piano just for the record so I don't expect him to be a virtuoso but he's crap. God knows what the rest of the band are doing/thinking. It should've been a solo album, perhaps an ep.

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5 minutes ago, Chris E said:


It's really good mate. Well worth a trip. They've put a lot of work in on it.


Cheers mate. I work up near it and have watched the effort they have put in. Should be a nice change to some of the pubs around me. 

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