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Where will you be watching the game Friday, if at all?

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Going to watch it down Hillsborough in either the Rawson or Riverside, it's a win win situation, if we win and I'm drunk I'm happy, if we lose and I'm drunk I'm still happy because I'm drunk.  Not thought about the draw, I'll most likely be drunk so I'll still be happy :)


If you aren't going where are you planning on watching it?

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2 minutes ago, GoldGigsChris said:

To watch it through ifollow do you need to change your account postal address to somewhere abroad, or just apply through a VPN?


Otherwise it's radio Sheffield.



I don't think it will be on ifollow as it's on sky.

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5 minutes ago, mike312 said:

At home with the missus with the cat on stand-by ready for a good kicking (joke.)

How's your Mrs feel about kicking her? 

Does the cat retaliate in her defence?

Mine would just Tw@t me and carry on watching match (we don't have a cat)lol

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