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Rob Staton says it's a no-go with Hirst

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Rob Staton just said on t'radio that it's not gonna happen

Said George Hirst situation has come to a point where the player isn't playing, he's not signed a new contract, and is training occasionally with the youth team


It's a no win situation

Said he doesn't believe there will be a meeting between the Hirsts and the new CEO


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Disappointing but entirely to be expected as things stood.


We need to let it go and concentrate on the hugely exciting talents we've got in the development squad. Haven't known of as many genuinely promising players in one youth team for absolutely years. Penney signing up again is massive, I'm telling you.

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:

Easy to knock journalists

He was basically saying there's no meeting between CEO and Hirst

The rest was additional

So it WAS new info



Doesn't believe there'll be a meeting is completely different to no meeting.

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