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CONFIRMED Jos is SWFC new manager

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6 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:

Thank God!


Welcome to Wednesday!


Gerrin to 'em!


A 'tache! A 'tache!

A 'tache, a 'tache, a 'tache!


Come on Jos, be da boss, sort out the t0ss and banish da dross!






The tash is GONE!!!




Owlstalk Shop




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Hardly any incoming manager to any team is met with the universal approval of the fans.

Some of those who seem to be a dream fit fall flat on their faces.

We will know after half a season whether he can do the job that we hope for.

Carlos has not left a great inheritance and I hope that he is given the tools to build a balanced and fit squad.

Personally I am glad that we have not gone for another pick off the merry go round of managers who have failed at this level.

Good luck Jos.


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Interesting he has the title of manager rather than head coach like Carvalhal. On paper I like his methods and attitude. More optimistic now than when I first heard his name 

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Looks a no noncence type of gaffer, don’t cross the boss. No more sulking on a bike or handbags with each other.


Got those eyes... you f00k with me son and I’ll make your eyeballs bleed. 


FAO JOS... We’ve no pace so you might want to recruit a few fast lads, especially on the flanks and up front. 

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