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Jos Luhukay's Pointing Skills

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Whilst many have been judging the potential appointment of the new manager on statistics like win ratios, number of promotions and experience with the championship, the key attribute we need in any new leader is a strong and decisive pointing ability.


Research of the Bundesliga shows ample evidence of Mr. Luhukay's arm and finger co-ordination.


Just look at the classic pointing to the right complete with strong vocalisation. Notice that he appears unencumbered by the heavy jacket:



Jos is also suprisingly strong with the reverse direction point, here cleverly enhanced by the pointing finger on the second hand:



And finally, the real crowdpleaser, pointing directly at the camera. This is a man who sees something, then points directly at it:




I think this clearly demonstrates why he is the number one choice to be our next manager.

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18 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


Thats' it

He's definitely one of us

If he can point then I'm happy


Pointing skills come in very handy at Hillsborough. Just ask all those on the North Stand who can point at the away end perfectly

This man is going to do well here I can tell



I want to hear him boo and fart, but the signs are hugely promising I must say.

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I like him already even though I know f00k all about him. He looks like a passionate person, someone who gets stuck in to the players, no noncesence kind of guy. 


Never f00k with a guy who has a dashing moustache like that. 


Is this him here in his younger days? Our players need toughening up!



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