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1 minute ago, OwlofOliveGrove said:

We make other teams look a lot better than they are.


You give any pro team freedom to attack at will and they'll make themselves look a lot better than they would if you went at them instead.


Exactly, Middlesbrough have been as poor as we have for large parts of this season. 2nd half we allowed them to play like the home team for 45 minutes.

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There a decent enough championship team - much better than us, but suffered for their lack of crincial finishing. 


CC said it - 'better than us', but again another team who had been struggling up to playing us and we end up looking second best.

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1 hour ago, Magic Rat said:

At halftime I was thinking I was actually watching a visiting team more inept than us-not a thought I get often.


We were awful second half and once they equalised we just capitulated.


At half time I was thinking 'how the flip are we winning this, thought Boro looked far better and second half looked far fitter as well. 


Could have been an heavy defeat had they taken chances they created. 

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