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ASK THE CHAIRMAN: PART 11 - Free away travel and improving the Megastore

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6 hours ago, daleblue said:

He says that we have been ripped off by suppliers in the past, and that contracts have to be re-evaluated, does that mean next Season shirts will be at a more

affordable price.

It's a win win.


More chance of me nailing  Rachael Riley 

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43 minutes ago, clud17 said:

Love the irony about not caving in to being ripped off. Thats why i don't shop in the megastore or buy a beer in the ground Mr Chansiri. being taken for a ride is a xxxxx isn't it.

Love the irony of you having the choice to choose what you spend your money on...don't like it don't buy it...don't want to go to watch Wednesday don't go...just keep bitchingabout it on here

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A couple of the points I picked up on the suppliers they use, DC is not telling the whole truth with this, if you want to become a supplier of the club as well as offering competitive prices - which with our business was virtually break even pricing, the club expect all suppliers to support the club in either buying a corporate box or paying for adverting. With a box at £48,000 with a mark up of 2% on goods you would have to sell the club £2.4m of product to cover your cost.


I understand he says it has to be a win win for both parties the company i worked for did not find this to be the case.


As for the 1867 idea scrap it get rid of Nuihu and matias in January the saving for the rest of the season will be around £500,000 or 3,000 people signing up for the 1867 idea.


As for the club shop and getting the correct staff in place what has Joe Palmer been doing for the last 2 years, how much longer could it take to have stock in the correct season, and delivered in time to be sold at the correct time. 


Every single one of these statements has not been written by anyone who works at the club as they don't seem to follow any of the processes. i am starting to wonder if it is even the director writing these or whether its the mythical PR department that never vet Carlos before he makes a fool of himself.

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9 hours ago, marcx666 said:



Sheffield Wednesday Chairman.jpg

As we have discussed on many occasions in the past, the club is keen to work with local businesses and more specifically businesses in the Sheffield Wednesday family. 

We prefer to work with fans’ businesses as we always look to support fans first over outside suppliers and we have been loyal to those companies, enjoying long term relationships with Wednesday fans in the business community.


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