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2 hours ago, BIG D said:

Harkes v Derby

Tudgay v Scrubbers

Hirst v Villa


I'm struggling to think of many strikes I've seen hit which moved with so much swaz off the outside of the boot. Certainly in those days before the 50p Shoot Fly-away balls they use now.

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2 hours ago, San Ramon Owl said:

Might not be the best but I will never forget Imre Varadi’s goal against Forest in our first game back in the top flight in 1984!!


This one for me too, we were actually sat in the West top tier, you could in those days, and he picked it up on the edge of our box from a Forest corner, and just kept going.  What a return to the Old First Division.

"nobody told me there would be days like these!"

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12 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:



This the goal I automatically thought of but couldn't think of who he scored against, also remember carbone scoring a goal against Blackburn I think, they beat us 7-2 if my memory is right 

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Left field again but Hirst v West Ham 1988. Cannot find footage but from the goalkeepers punt upfield it took one bounce, Hirst swivelled and smashed it from around 35 yards. Just an ordinary Saturday 3pm kickoff Division 1 game (remember those?), So no huge importance but it sticks out for me. I could be remembering it all wrong but without footage I'll claim old age if I'm wrong!


In terms of importance, at the time, regardless of the ultimate result, Hirst in the FA Cup Final. Had the Brazilians or Barcelona or Man Ure scored that it would have been described as an all time great Cup Final goal. What was it 22 passes? 


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Carbone at Newcatsle worth a mention

Humphries goal in the home game before v Villa, crashing volley from the edge of the box

Di Canio away against Everton, last minute


Did I dream Andy Hinchcliffe scoring a pelter in Di Canio's return game against West Ham...? 35 yarder Kop end? 

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Adam proudlock away at stoke - can’t remember the year we lost 3-2.


left foot volley on swivel top corner.


not necessarily my favourite but one of best.

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