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9 hours ago, Walt said:

Yeah but don't forget that every pacy player has zero footballing ability...much prefer our slow technical players that look to go backwards.

what an absolutely preposterous statement!

6 hours ago, OzOwl said:

Christ alive, have you sped that up! RAPID!

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9 hours ago, Markowski77 said:

The tactics CC employs are absolutely atrocious, a pub side could set up to stop wednesday scoring, it's so predictable 


there was a break away with 5 mins to go from a Barnsley corner, bannan starts carrying the ball out of our box, acres of space to run into, he then proceeds to pass it 10 yards back to reach allowing every single Barnsley player to get behind the ball. I couldn't believe what I witnessed 


slow boring football, it's  horrible to watch let alone pay for


Everyone knows he needs to go, but deep down we all know he will be staying for some time, it really is depressing at the minute 


Without any pace we will always be the same . I will never be able to understand why Carlos refuses to sign anyone with pace or power. They are vital ingredients of the game. We must be so easy to play against.  Teams must know they can commit players forward knowing if they lose possession they will have time to get back into position because with are so pedestrian when we attack. 


Lets look at Our usual midfield four 


Reach   Lee  Bannan  Wallace 


No pace what so ever ,so we end up playing it sideways or backwards.  


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5 hours ago, RocketOwl said:

We must be one of the only teams in world football to be almost through on goal but end up back with our keeper on ball.

Noticed it yesterday the amount of touches Westwood gets it's got to be above average for a keeper 

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16 hours ago, Owlinmad said:

We need a ball carrier. Someone who has trickery and likes to run at defenders with the ball at his feet.

We are a very good passing team but we need another element.


Oh.....and another manager.

First half... fletcher is one on one with a defender... stops and passes backwards.


Story of our style of play.

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Big Sam made a couple of fantastic points when talking about managing Palace. First was get back to basics and keeping clean sheets.


The most important was acknowledging they weren't good enough to play slow possession football. He said they weren't good enough to break a team down once they were allowed to settle and get back in to position. 2 banks of 4 etc. So he told his players every pass we make has to be a forward pass. Not just hoofing it up the filed, but look forwards and pass it in that direction. They beat teams like Chelsea away by doing this and countering with pace.


Our problem is when we do win the balm back we go sideways or backwards, completely let the opposition settle. Then let's be honest the majority of the time we don't have the ability to break sides down. The first season under Carlos was high pressing and winning the ball back and getting men forward. Most of goals and chances came from breaking quick when their players are out of position. There are gaps, weaknesses to expose. 


I don't understand why if it's so simple for us to see our management and coaches fail to see it. 

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We’re a bit like a rugby team - having to play the ball backwards to go forwards because we have no one with enough pace to beat a man.


We miss FF massively for that. As soon as Joao came on he got in behind a few times but wasn’t on the pitch long enough.



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