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Football Manager 2018

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BETA out now.  But, more importantly, and i think I asked this last year but is the guy still on here who created the 4231 beast tactic?  I've used it for the last few years, however now it won't reload on to FM18.


Thanks lol


Edit was it @cragswfc

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Playing the beta now, our squad is horribly unbalanced and not enough cash to get anyone in and couldn't be arsed trawling through free transfers.


Always used a 4231 tactic previously but hasn't worked adopting it into 18. Currently created 3-3-2-2 and have won two in a row, probably will fail spectacularly after a few more matches.



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5 hours ago, Will69 said:

I’ve had that many issues and found the game so poor I asked for and was given a full refund. I’ll stick to last seasons this year.


Like what? I’ve not had any issues. My main gripe is the regular reoccurrence of an injury soon as they get fit.


6 hours ago, jonnyowl said:

Anyone having any luck with this?


Trying different tactics, nothing working!


I found a 4-3-3 tactic that works pretty well, it had 3 central midfielders and 3 strikers so it fits nicely with the Wednesday squad. Third season with Wednesday and I’m currently 6th in the Premier League.

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Decided to hold off with Wednesday until the full game was out.  


Started with Leyton Orient, not had much time on it but currently unbeaten, top of the league after 15 games.  

Quite enjoying it to be honest. 

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Not bad, few teething issues like a lot of injuries but that seems to happen every year.


9 games in won 7 drawn 2.


Only signed Calvert-Lewin on loan


Playing 4-2-3-1



Hunt Lees Venancio Pudil


         Butterfield Lee


Calvert-Lewin Hooper Forestieri




Meantality is attacking with a flexible team shape, team instructions are, play out of defince, look for overlap and work ball into box!


Rhodes has 4 in 9, Hooper 3 in 8 and Foresteri 3 in 7.


Butterfield has a phenomenal passing rate, regularly hits 95% passing accuracy!


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Finished 1st season and won Championship with 93points.


Just in pre-season of 2nd season and decided going to sort our finances out so just signing freebies/prospects under 21 or anybody my Head of Youth Development(Sammy Lee) signs only exception being making Venancio and Butterfields deals permanent.


Sold -

Loovens, Fessi, Lees(DC just accepted a 15mill offer from West Ham), Nuhiu


Signed -

Pauletta CB released by Milan

Styles CM Bury 18yr Old(Head of Youth Development)

Ledson CM Oxford 21yr Old(Head of Youth Development)

Szymanskow(I think that's how you spell it) CM some Polish Club



Promoted from Youth/Reserves -


CB - Lee & Nielsen


RWB - Retraining Stobbs

LWB - Retraining Penney


CM - Waldock/Kirby/Murphy


ST - Hirst/Hammound/Benedetti/Fitzgerald(Regen)


Got a big squad and retrained -


Fox & Pudil to be CB

Boyd & Reach to be LWB

Matias ST


Need to sell and really put my faith in youngsters to get me midtable in Prem this year hopefully end up with squad of -


GK - Westwood/Wildsmith/Dawson                                  No Youth Prospects


CB - Pauletta/Hutch/Venancio/Van Aken/Fox/Pudil         Youth - Lee/Nielsen


RWB - Hunt/Palmer                                                          Youth - Stobbs


LWB - Reach/Boyd                                                           Youth - Penney


CM - Butterfield/Jones/Abdi/Lee/Bannan                          Youth - Ledson/Styles/Szymanskow/Kirby/Murphy/Waldock


ST - Hooper/Fletcher/Joao/Rhodes/Winnall/Matias          Youth - Hirst/Hammoud/Benedetti/Fitzgerald


I always manage my u23 side aswell so when re-training I can make sure they get game time so they become accustomed quicker to there new roles.


How's everybody else getting on then?


I'm also playing a online game currently 2nd in Serie B with Parma in 1st season.







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Started a new game with Oxford United. Finished second in my season, missed the title by a point.


The squad you start with isn't that bad, bolstered it with a few loan signings, notably Hirst (9 in 26) and Joao (16 in 40). Mainly flipped between playing 4-2-3-1 and 3-2-2-2-1. Also got some decent results by play 4-4-2, with only a few instructions.


My transfer budget for the championship is £275K, wage budget is pretty small. I don't think Alex Mowatt and Jack Payne who are on loan at the start of the game, will be allowed to come back. The squad is massively out of its depth in quality and depth, going to have to hope my parent club Spurs, can help me out with some loans and then search the FA market. My better players Rob Hall, Curtis Nelson and Ryan Ledson are all wanted by other clubs, so I think it could be weakened further.

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