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On this day 40 years ago !

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4 hours ago, dumboldowl said:


I've just done a quick check and I've watched 846 consecutive League games since Jack Charlton watched the Chesterfield game from the North stand. The total would probably be more but I can't remember how many of Len Ashurst's games I missed before Jack came.

In addition I've not missed a home F.A. Cup match in the same period, and only missed two League Cup games as well.

I remember these matches vividly (and was a regular for 2or 3 seasons before this ) and I'm still here every week BUT no way have I not missed some for holidays,illness,weddings etc ! Interesting to know the total number of matches (ish) attended though 

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14 hours ago, dunsbyowl said:



Always loved that cartoon. At the same time I think Roy Ullyett of the Daily Express did one of the team barbecuing one of their team mates to survive! Does anyone have a copy of that?

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