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1992 - 1993 Sheffield Wednesday Away Shirt by Umbro

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This fantastic Sheffield Wednesday away shirt by Umbro from the 92/93 season is fast becoming a collectors item here at Amazon

Not sure why this one is so popular. Whether it was because SWFC only produced a few, or only a few sold I am not sure but there's certainly a big demand for this shirt now with this one going between £40 and £200 online.

Might be worth digging around in your wardrobes and seeing if you still have your old shirt?

Not the best Sheffield Wednesday shirt ever and the material felt a bit scratchy when worn but the yellow and black stripe design was certainly an eye opener at the time (and still is)

You can pick up one of these HERE AT AMAZON


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I've got one of these hung in my wardrobe. Size FB.


Worth anything to anyone?

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On 9/21/2017 at 20:58, @owlstalk said:



You were spot on! 

Identical shirt!


no two shirts was the same the stripes on the front did not line up nor did they meet front to back, great shirt just manufactured by gizzem monkeys.

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