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Sheffield Wednesday vs Sheffield United - The Picture Thread

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I think someone is rather desperate that their team is going to get mullered so is trying to score points beforehand . Choose going onto your rivals forum because you know afterwards youll be on your own site moaning about the ref/weather/linesman/pitch/tevez/west ham/more years in the pub league continuously than us , barnsley, Leeds . 

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Just now, Lees Tom Cat said:

Can give him the Graham Hyde one, but the rest was look like they was done by a 5 year old.


Most 5-year-olds have better spelling and grammar than is shown in that Choose Wendys mess though.

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28 minutes ago, massiveness said:

Image may contain: text

Choose spending hours trying to 'piggify' an original creation produced by your rival fans. 


Choose coming onto your rivals message board to post it.


Choose coming back to your rivals site countless times to see what response your unoriginalty gets.





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