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From what CC was saying in the press conference yesterday, I'd be surprised if either started.


CC made it sound as though Lee wasn't ready yet for a start after his injury and that Venâncio knows better how CC expects his defenders to play.

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5 minutes ago, HubristicClapper said:

CC never rushes new players.


Whilst I don't agree with it, I can well see the same back 4 starting as last time out.


He does sometimes; I can think of McManaman and Rhodes just off the top of my head - and neither of these two were match fit, so it was somewhat surprising for them to be thrown straight in.


Still, I'm inclined to agree that it wouldn't surprise me either if we had the same back 4 as against Burton.

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5 minutes ago, 1867Heaven said:

I've a feeling we'll see Fred for this one

I tend to agree - CC mentioned Boyd Butters and Fred as the new players - with van Aken being "one for the future."

personally I cannot wait to see Van Aken on the pitch.

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Lee was always gonna start if he is anywhere near. He is basically plan A for Carlos. A fully fit Lee would see us return to playing more a high intensity style.


Really looking forward to seeing van Aken play. Maybe it will stop Bannan coming into defence to get the ball. 





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