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1 minute ago, ScrappyOwl said:

Is it just my imagination or does it take the club an eternity to get a player transfer completed.

Just seems many other clubs wrap up deals so much more quickly.


An eternity is a very long time, old boy !

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Your imagination:


We follow things from rumour, to meeting, to rumour, to possibly losing the player to another club, to rumour, to rumour of the failed medical, then finally to the eventual signing.


For other clubs, you just hear about interest, then the signing (or not).


I suspect every fan base that is into closely monitoring the transfer sagas has the same experience.  "Ignorance is bliss", as they say.

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1 minute ago, A12owl said:

How does anybody know how long negotiations have been going on for these "other clubs".

We get to know about rumours from the local rag/mag reporters who guess whats going on and sometimes get it wrong.

Our club NEVER releases any information about pending transfers or interest in players until  "the player is through the door". Thats the right way to do it.

Can be frustrating for us fans but thats how Wednesday do it.



Fair enough it's official it's my imagination!!

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1 hour ago, wilyfox said:

A horse walks into a pub and the barman asks...why the long transfer?

No, that doesn't work.

Hows about shoehorning The deaf guy in the pub with a 12" pianist gag.

Could that work?....

I'll get me coat......lol

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