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Dean £2m

Hanley £3.5m


Good business while we are being told by our manager the price of centre halfs is huge. 


2 very good centre halves there have moved for nothing in this market (one of them we apparently bid for last season.


nothing against vernancio and this Dutch lad that's costing us £4.5m but I'd have rather took 2 domestic players like Hanley and Dean for £5.5m than 2 risks from abroad. 

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1 minute ago, Greengrass said:

Fat bottomed girls is my favourite Queen song, closely follows but seven seas of rye. Oh hang on I have completely misread this.

naked bottomed girls....oh yes wrong thread/website

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At that price it might look good business, after we were quoted 6million at the start of the window...


However, when you take into account his ridiculous wages and the fact that he moves like a barge, it's probably a good job he's off to Norwich.

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9 minutes ago, fredmciverslovechild said:

It's a good job we don't buy every player we're linked with....

Every player posters on here think we should be linked with to be fair. 


I think we dodged a bullet with Hanley last  year although Dean was a fair shout. 

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So when we wanted him he is £5.5m but when he goes to another club he costs £3.5m, is this paper speculation or do other clubs negotiate better than us.


We signed Venancio on loan not bad business not seen him play but we get to have a look for a year and see if we want him on permanent basis. Joost van Aken reported to be £4.5m seems very high when we don't have enough money to sign Mulgrew at £500k or Dean at £2m but we have reportedly £4.5m to sign a dutch center back who up to this week end we had never heard off. Maybe he is a world beater and we will sell him for £40m+ in a few years but would we not be better signing tried and tested Championship players. When we are promoted and have more money we then risk the foreign unknown players then buy him then.


Maybe i am speaking out of turn but there seems no logic to the transfer dealings tried and tested Championship players are deemed too expensive but foreign players costing double are not.

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52 minutes ago, owlZfan84 said:

Genuinely not arsed about Hanley.




You haven't got the hang of the Fat Bottomed Girls song have you!



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