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Sheffield Wednesday 2015/16 Home Shirt by Sondico

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I really didn't like it when it came out but it grew on me. I think it's one of my favourite ever Wednesday kits now. I just massively regret getting it with Joe Bennett's name on the back. It looks so much nicer plain and I'm far too old to have a name and number.

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It's a lovely kit is that. But, as usual, I'd get rid of the collar personally - on a very plain stripes kit like this (which they all should be!), a buttoned collar gives it a bit of a 'hospital pyjamas' vibe.


The sponsor would've looked so much nicer in just black lettering IMO, but I guess it wouldn't have stood out as well. Can't help feeling they could've done something nicer with it though, looks almost like a dodgy fake add-on in these photos.

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