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34 minutes ago, Maddogbob said:

Also strangely optimistic, got a feeling we can nick the points today.


Fingers crossed and enjoy the day of your going.

Feel the same too. Am never usually confident going into these sorts of games but I am today. Maybe it's the bank holiday sunshine getting the better of me!

As always, first goal is vital. WOuldnt it be great to be 1 up in the first twenty mins just for a change?

Feeling a 'Never felt more like singing the blues...' mood:

burton 1-3 Wednesday 

pigs 1-2 rams 

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Excellent OMDT. Hopefully, we will grind out a win today. It may not be pretty - something like the Wigan game last season. I would love it to be an all attacking big win game for us,  but three points have to be the priority.UTO.

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playing them at their place is a tough game for anyone in this league. Hopefully closer than last season, and we just edge it.


2-1 with Hooper getting the winner.

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Spiffing words sire, your Seat is fully earned! 


I think today will be a test of mettle for our boys. Time to dig in, fight a lot, run a lot, with henergy to the game.


No quarter given. No retreat, no surrender...


We don't start wars, we finish them...


I ain't got time to bleed...


Live for nothing or die for something, your call...


Say hello to my little friend...


Yippee-ki-yay, motherfudder...


etc etc

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