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Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

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It's not even really a newsworthy story from doom howson.  


Appalling journalism to say the least.

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13 minutes ago, Ronio said:

It's not even really a newsworthy story



I'd rather read facts than these trying to make a story of nothing pieces.


It drives me crackers.


3 hours ago, Lord Snooty said:


Exactly. He gets pulled apart after every press call.

His every word over analysed,  (and often not analysed, just taken out of context and used to whip him)

I was only saying the other week that he might be better 'going Fergie".


Why isn't Beckham in the squad this week?

Because I haven't picked him. Next question.


I know they say relations with the press are vital. 

But they're literally using every single thing at the moment moment to fill the column inches.  


The "Carlos Defends over Boyd" Thing is a great example.

He hasn't been picked because the manager hasn't picked him. He wasn't that good at Preston.  He's gone for Wallace. It's that simple. But no,  they make it more than that. "Defends" You only defend your decisions when someone attacks them.



I genuinely get annoyed.  

I've half a mind to offer myself for free to the club to go down there and sit besides Carlos at these meetings and pull them up. 


"Yeah...but, why hasn't Forestieri. .."

"He's answered the question you little fookturd, get it written down, and get it written down properly,  if you twist it, or make it something it isn't,  ...If you deliberately lose the point in translation I will hunt you  to the ends of the Earth , I will tie you to a pole and build a clay pot around you, I will light a fire beneath you, kindled by copies of your rag of a paper, and put you in a raging heat until you are soup...then I will open the tap at the bottom of my pot and use your hot dripping  fat to grease the runners  of my portcullis.   And if you ask that question again...any of you....when it's already been answered... I will personally tear your lungs out of your chest with my bare hands  and hold them in front of your eyes so you can watch your last breath leave your body" 


Do the media team have anyone already in this role?



1 hour ago, Lord Snooty said:


Perhaps slow boiling them alive or killing them brutally infront of their peers might seem a tad harsh. To some.


I suppose pain of death isn't the only option in ridding the blights.


How about I let them live.

But make clear before the press conference begins that if anything said is taken out of context or spun in such a way as to create a sensationalist story out of nothing that I shall have them dealt with.


My man servant Stubbs and his assistant Tony Toms will kidknap them in the dead of night, hold chloroform rags over their mouths until they pass out and then cage them on the back of the Snooty mobile.


From there they will be flown to a secret island location off the coast of Africa. Once there they will be driven for 3 days without food or water into the middle of the jungle. Then they will be released one by one at 15 minute intervals and told that I will give them a days head start before I begin my hunt. 


Off they will tear into the bush and into  untold danger. Hearts pounding. Every snapping twig they hear startling them with fear. Every growl panicking them. 




Of course, I wouldn't really hunt them down. I'm not a complete b'stard. Not that I'd tell them that. 

No, I'd fly home soon as they were out of range and leave them there living lives of complete fear. Weeping themselves to sleep wishing they had just printed the boring truth to start with. 


images (1).jpg


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carlos is rubbish and clueless

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Completely off topic...

But how do I get the faces on my post 

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