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Shows how completely BS these rumors are.


This is from Palace's forum, they've 'apparently' been linked with him.


I know I started this, but I can't see him coming our way either. All I've found since is that we were second favourites after Watford to sign him on Skybet, and we've seen enough of those runours.

That said, if he was a replacement for Campbell, with another striker replacing Remy, I would be happy. He would give us more from the bench than Ladapo anyway!

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1 minute ago, Grandad said:

Judging on the reactions Ive seen - the fans have been played good style here.


Good riddance?



Avatar bloodbath coming up, i've got the pop corn and pop out ready.lol


Just as an aside, where did you get that snippet from? Oh, you'll have to protect the source I suppose.lol

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I'd be happy with this, much happier than him moving to championship club. He can sit on the bench and concentrate on counting his pennies.


I honestly don't think we will miss him if he goes. He stayed true to form whilst here, a great talent if he can be bothered but marks highest in his ability to unsettle a squad and upset people.

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Thinking about it more he would be a massive loss, on his day the best player we have but things just don't seem right with him and the club, if it meant we could improve the team in several areas could be a decent thing. We would need to sign a replacement for him which knowing how we have done our business this summer probably wouldn't happen until next season. 

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