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Forestieri not in the squad

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5 minutes ago, flo said:

Its all gonna kick off on here. 


Makes sense to me if its true.


We've more need of defensive recruits than having a spare attacker / left sided midfielder cum winger. 


And FF effectively made himself more expendable this week on two accounts.


Impressed with the way Carlos handled himself over the second incident (if true) to maintain harmony within the squad.

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Arguments sake sell FF get in Dean and Hourihane for E.g. Might not be the worst thing in the world.


I still believe he is our most talented player but if we play him centrally it affects the balance of the team too much and I can't see CC going 433 to get the best out of him.



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5 minutes ago, Adam Reachs left peg said:

The training ground bust up must be true then ?

The problem with social media and sites like Owlstalk is that so much bullshyte is written, so when something true is written, nobody believes it.

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Just now, royalowlisback said:

IF - and I mean only if it is true - then what a tool we have on our hands.


Generic I know - but please can we stop signing Italians (or half Italians in his case)....

They ones we have had do seem to have the same traits don't they.

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