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Bateman does a great job, instantly likeable.

Really, really good first season.  Instantly goes right into the details and doesn't wee pipe about.

Strong finish and has the potential to match BB based on what I've seen.


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Just finished S1.

Wow. Great show. Really dark. Bateman is very good and Laura Linney is fantastic in it also.

It's funny how I was thinking about the BB comparisons that everyone makes and it has a lot in common: the antihero who is intelligent but gets in way over his head in a criminal underworld. One thing that seemed noticeably different is remembering how slow-burning the first season of Breaking Bad was and this just felt like breakneck speed seeing all of the stuff that happened in the pilot. So many "Holy roger" moments, still in shock after the ending.

Probably the best original content that Netflix has produced.

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