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On 26/08/2017 at 13:16, darra said:

Had more problems with IFollow than I ever had with Player. First game of the season I tried to log in only to be told that my password was wrong. It wasn't. After numerous requests to change my password I eventually managed to log on at 6 o'clock a mere 45 minutes after the game had finished. Received e mails apologising and asking me to give details of the problem which I sent. Heard nothing since.

Still heard nothing. As I said earlier at least with Player when things went wrong they apologised and you got a free week sometimes longer by way of compensation

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2 hours ago, northeastowl said:

I guess there's no point buying the game for tomorrow then if they've clamped down on the ip usage?

One email I got from them said you get blocked for an hour or two if you try to login with a VPN. Be interesting to see what others experience. If I was in the UK I'd certainly be trying to watch games with a VPN, even with a home season ticket, £110 seems like a bargain for all away games live if only the damn thing would work. I had hoped they wouldn't be too bothered about VPNs because it would drum up more business from UK based Owls wanting to watch games, nevermind overseas fans.

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Been messing around for hours now trying to teach myself about IT with the clock ticking down to the Cardiff game. I doubt I'll get to see it now knowing how long they take to look into things. One thing I've discovered though is that the location settings on your computer seem to affect the IP address on sites that show your IP details, such as whatismyipaddress.com. I changed a couple of settings such as allowing sites to access location details and whereas before I was shown to be in the UK, they all show my actual location now. Would've been nice if the people at iFollow customer support had given me some help on the matter.

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5 hours ago, Wisenightowl said:

Sorry mate, been a bit busy. When you can actually get the live picture working, you can open a new tab and click on the listen live bit, strangely you have to login again, but it has worked for me, part from the slight awkwardness of having to pause the sound a few seconds sometimes to get the sound to match the picture.


However, I am now having my own issues with their site and need help myself. Are there any IT geniuses out there that can give their thoughts? I am in the bizarre situation of being outside the UK and ROI as iFollow demand for live games, but needing to use a VPN to 'fool' the system into thinking I am in a country that is not the UK or ROI because it otherwise thinks I am in the UK. When I login as normal without a VPN, it doesn't allow me to watch games, only listen to commentary, even though I am in the Middle East and have paid £110 for a season pass. The only way I could watch the first few games was if I used a VPN that said I was in Denmark or China, etc, but they seem to have now clamped down on any VPN use, so now I cannot access my £110 season pass, despite being in the Middle East.


I have used some IP location sites such as iplocation.net and it shows I am in the Middle East (I knew already lol), but some sites say my IP address is in the UK, even though it's the same IP address and it's 40 plus degrees outside and very sandy. I would love to know what the hell is going on because I am getting increasingly frustrated, and also angry at iFollow, whose customer support is terrible. I have contacted them and explained in detail my situation, but they reply with emails that are generic and nothing to do with what I explained to them. They even had the audacity to state that failure to adhere to the terms and conditions, namely you must be outside the UK and ROI with an internet connection of over 5Mbps to get full use of the service, is the cause of any issues I have. Not exactly great customer support seen as I'm in the Middle East and have a 10Mbps connection.


Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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On 06/06/2017 at 14:24, Ellis Rimmer said:

those people aren't true Wednesday fans 

I live in Bristol and love Wednesday a fan of 35 years been all over the country,  but I can't always get there now, just because I don't dedicate my entire life to the cause doesn't mean I I'm not a proper fan. 

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1 hour ago, Muffinman said:

Looks like for whatever you have done has been flagged up. Maybe too many locations associated with an account flags up a VPN. I'd clean out computer using C Cleaner. Change browser, check VPN and location and stick to one foreign location.     In your case maybe they don't like vpns that originate from your part of the world. Can't blame them given yesterdays events. You are better off posting on an IT or media forum for help. That's what I turn to as I am no expert.


I fixed the IP issue, I think. All IP checks now show me as being where I actually am and nowhere near the UK and ROI. However, iFollow seem to have deleted my subscription! Previously, in the packages and purchases section, it showed I had a free pass from back in May and also the £110 season pass that I got in August (I signed up fully after the Preston game, but that's the only good thing so far). Then when I go to the transaction history section, my £110 season pass details are still there in black and white!


Can they delete my subscription simply because of IT issues? I haven't done anything wrong as far as I can see. I live outside the UK/ROI and have paid the money. It's not like they caught me trying to pretend I'm in Colombia, but actually using a VPN from a flat in Darnall. Anyway, I have contacted them again and the wait goes on.

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Anyone know what I click on to just buy a one off match?  It says 'available in the matchday centre' but I can't find it.






Just found it at last!  If anyone's not sure, click on Listen and the watch availability pops up as well.

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3 minutes ago, Strewthbury Owl said:

The entire site is a clusterfuck of UX design, Goody.


Try going to the subscription page.


I feel like I'm fairly I.T. literate but has just taken me nearly 10 mins to suss this out!


Ridiculous.  They must be losing out on plenty cash.

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