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2 minutes ago, alexwatson12 said:

Quality is okay for me, not HD but a solid 540p I'd guess.


Do you guys have it on "Auto" for video quality?


Yes :laugh:


Fixed now. It came up as like youtube circa 2006 quality with "hypercam2" watermarked on it. I was REALLY disappointed until you mentioned that.

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Just now, A12owl said:

The match will start in 3 minutes and nothing for us UK subscribers. 

Where is JP?


I don't recall ever getting any buildup on iPlayer tbf, maybe a minute at most depending on when they flicked the switch. I image this one will kick in literally as the whistle blows, mercenary buggers.

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Live video working at the moment in Bradford! hope this lasts all season.


For anyone wondering/Struggling as i did-


All info on how to do it was on this thread, thank you!


Windscribe downloaded 

Sign up for free account with windscribe on (set to france)

Click watch live, go to payment (left france in as country of residence) used my uk account details and uk address and hey presto!



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7 minutes ago, A12owl said:

Tension is getting toooo much. Will it work.....won't it work?


its now 10 minutes to kick off and nothing yet


Where are Rob o'neill and John Pearson when you want them?

Well I'm (Rob) at home! We don't do the away games. The commentary comes from Radio Sheffield.

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