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Rhodes "didn't want to take a penalty"

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It beggars belief that a guy, your £10m star striker on £60k plus a week signing for £10m refuses to take a penalty.


You really couldn't make it up.


If there was a way to back out of the transfer it would be wise to explore it.


Players with no bottle are no use to us.



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No doubt still haunted by the Leeds one. FFs penalty was an absolute stinker, perhaps influenced by Brighton.


Too many big players either not fit/sharp or suddenly feeling the pressure at key moments of the season. Needs to change to achieve anything 

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1 minute ago, Sham75 said:

£12 million striker, and he didnt want to take a penalty.


You couldnt make it up.


He's still having nightmares because of Rob Green!

Be £14m soon with the roaring inflation in this thread.

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1 minute ago, Dronfield Blue said:

Absolut boll0cks.


Have you got a copy of the official list?


Naw, didn't think so.


Best side won, penalties irrelevant.

Carvalhal 100 per cent confirmed it on Radio Sheffield.


He said he wasn't confident enough to take one. 


Straight from rom the managers interview.

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Well done to the likes of hutch, bannan and hunt for having the balls to step up,  none of whom should have really been in the first few 

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Why I will always unconditionally admire Hutchinson.


Score/miss/kick it through my car window it doesn't matter, in the pre peno huddle he was screaming at the lads, knew he was up for taking one and was so proud to be out there. Give me 11 players like that any day of the week, love that passion,

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