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Huddersfield deserved to win

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Can any of us honestly say we deserve to be in the play-off final based on those two performances? 


Tonight they were the more cohesive unit and looked like a team with a plan. We were passing around the back until we got closed down and had to hoof it up the pitch. We wasted every set piece we had. We never really looked dangerous. 


As much as it hurts, congratulations Huddersfield Town. Fantastic achievement.

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Guest hazza88

They deserved it over the 2 legs!


We did what we wanted in the 1st leg but it worried me how we were going to change it so much for the 2nd leg and in the end we didn't!


Well done town 

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I have to agree. Thought before they scored that if we won we wouldn't really have deserved it.


They were knocking on the door ever since we scored and we couldn't get out. It was a deserved equaliser, and whilst we improved in ET we didn't go at them enough. Relying on penalties was all too risky, like Carlos says it's a lottery so why did we not play more for the win?


And yes our set pieces were awful, most of the time no one even around them.

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Terriers deserved it...We were the worst of the four - at least the other three had a go, we only did for about 15 mins.


The first leg killed us - no momentum at all going into tonight's match and all the pressure on us.


...And a much easier set of of opponent this year vs last too. Such a pity.


We'll look back and realise what a massive opportunity was wasted.


Playoffs this term sadly bought out the worst in CC...some diabolical decisions made.


What was is Greenwood said to Hoddle? Disappointment is part of football.  We have felt that tonight..

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Sorry you have missed out. But you guys in here are a credit. Most other fans would be moaning and bitching not wishing them luck.


All the best for next season hopefully you'll get an automatic spot.

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