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Huddersfield Away Leg Ticket News

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3 minutes ago, Hirstys Salopettes said:

It's just the disappointment Andy (like small print on a Willy Wonka golden ticket)



There were always gonna be people that were disappointed. too many fans too few tickets



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I had 730pts so missed out sadly. There's probably people out there with more than 730 who have missed out as well.


If Wednesday think that a corporate sponsor or a family member of a player is more worthy of a ticket than a fan that's been to more than half the away games over the past 2 season, then they should check their priorities. Shame on Wednesday. Get used to it though because if we go up this could be a fortnightly occurrence.

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Away leg ticket just arrived in todays post, can't fault TO staff for processing and despatch. After yesterdays wee wee tail up I thought they deserved a bit of praise when they get stuff right, well done.

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