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2 hours ago, Key said:

Part-timer excuse No 3,243:

I'll be under the knife this afternoon at NGH for a triple by-pass.



I blame the stress of following Wednesday for causing the problem in the first place!


i won't be aware of the Derby result until some time on Sunday so come on you Wednesday Wizards and let's spread our mintyness all over those little lambs before devouring them!


2-0 to the Owls in front of 30,000, Hillsborough looking and sounding magnificent in the sunshine as always.


Looking forward to some joyful table-gazing  next week and through to the Play-Off Final to aid my recovery. Premier League here we come!


c'mon Wednesday!




Apologies if you can hear a distant knocking as you read this post; that'll be my knees!



All the best.

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2 hours ago, zico.b said:

Best of luck Key. You're in good hands and all that.


Might be a few of us needing the same by 5pm.


Serious question, what do you think will be the first thing you will ask when you come round?


"Wake up Mr Lee. A gentleman by the name of Carlos has been on the phone. Said something about being one down and could you possibly play the last ten minutes?"


Apologies Key if I have betrayed your identity.

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2 hours ago, Holmowl said:


You want KEY to have a heart operation, then listen to Wednesday trying to hold onto a one-goal lead!?


With mates like you...

Who said listen surely he could try and make the game in person 

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Cheers everyone. Expecting to be carted off to the theatre about 12:00.


Will update in a couple of days when I'm a bit more with it.


Here's to 3 points to the Owls and a successful op for me!



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