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Job - Katie Price ghost writer

Player - Billy Sharp 

Why - Cos he's full of sh*t


Sorry - wrong team I know but I didn't want to offend any of ours


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Mine = Head of Broadcast

Player = Sam Hutchinson

Attributes = Tough, Organised, and a pretty face if he ever made the switch to the front of the camera.

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Mine: NHS Mental health nurse 

Player: anyone at the club in the 2000's

Attributes: Struggling to get positive results with desperately limited resources despite the owners expecting miracles with less money each year.

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1 hour ago, The Chief said:

Please state your real job role and then the current squad player most suited to do that job.



Mine = Mortgage Advisor

Player = Glenn Loovens

Attributes = Methodical and organised 


Looking forward to some real ones and no doubt also some hilarious joke ones.


Apologies if done before.


Great thread idea pal. I've laughed out loud at a few of these already!

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