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Missed the first three (too young) and the last one (living in Brazil) but also did the 93 semi.


The big question is though...who did Basel and Karlsruhe away in the Intertoto?


Saw a few fans in Switzerland but not a single one in Karlsruhe!

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My dad, who sadly passed away in January made all ten. I just hope I can keep my promise that I made to him the day he died. Which was that I'd be back at Wembley this year in the play off final and this time we'd win. 

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4 hours ago, BIG D said:

All bar '66. Was only 5 at the time. Did the Leicester 3 against Arsenal and Semi v the Scrubbers.

Here's another one - cup replay v Palce at Villa Park which is one of my favourite memories. 

what a great night that was ,  went up and back on a special train from Euston for Palace fans.  Hard work not laughing all the way back to London

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