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Poll: Man of the Match vs Birmingham...and your player ratings

Man of the Match vs Birmingham  

484 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your Man of the Match vs Birmingham?

    • Westwood
    • Hunt
    • Sasso
    • Loovens
    • Fox
    • Hutchinson
    • Wallace
    • Bannan
    • Rhodes
    • Forestieri
    • Winnall
    • Reach
    • Abdi
    • McManaman

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Westwood 7 - So comfortable and such safe hands. 

Hunt - 7 - Solid against their biggest threat, fantastic cross.

Fox - 7 - Rarely ruffled, defends properly and looks to attack.

Loovens - 8 - Great leader, great interceptions, cool and calm again.

Sasso - 7 - Still worries me but I don't know why as he's done well since coming in.

Hutchinson - 8 - Never has a bad game, so much more bite than Jones, reads it so well.

Bannan - 6 - Didn't turn up tonight, tried as usual but didn't happen.

Wallace - 7 - Did ok again, some clever touches and positive intent.

Forestieri - 6 - Started well, unlucky on a few occasions but uncharacteristically wasted the ball as well.

Rhodes - 7 - Bought to score. Give him service and he will. Plenty more to come.

Winnall - 8 - Tireless, desperate to perform. As with Rhodes, deliver crosses and he'll deliver goals.


Delighted with all three subs. Reach was superb, Abdi looked comfortable and is starting to get a look in. And been saying it for a while; would love McManaman to get a start, he always pushes us upfield and looks dangerous.

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9 minutes ago, Adem Poric said:

Hutch was good without the ball but gave it away a lot more than usual. Not man of the match at all for me.


Sasso and Loovens joint man of the match tonight. Both were imperious.


Morgan Fox was excellent too, really pleased with him.


Also, thought both strikers worked their nads off.



Glad somebody else thought this, Sasso and Loovens were excellent. Sasso looked much more comfortable tonight and is well worth his place. There is no rush for Lees to come back at the moment. 2 starts, 2 clean sheets. Well done.


Loovens MoM for me. 

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Westwood - 8 - Does most things very well and didn't need to make a blinding save.

Hunt - 8 - We looked vulnerable down his side in the first half but didn't get as much support as in the second. Wicked cross for Winnall and was terrific overall.

Loovens - 8 - Class and leadership

Sasso - 7 - Has those nightmare moments and always will but tries hard and did a good job

Fox - 8 - A revelation. They hardly got down his side at all. Fit and strong and will be first choice LB.

Wallace - 7 - Responsible for most of the good things in the first half. Less effective 2nd as I think he was instructed to stay closer to Hunt

Bannan - 6 - Very busy but not very effective.

Hutchinson - 9 A Wall. Still lucky not to get booked but thank goodness he's back.

Forestieri - 5 A bit below par for him. We've all been crying out for him to be back on the left but it didn't really work.

Rhodes - 6 - Did his job as he always has at this level. Not a complete package but exactly what we need to get out of this division.

Winnall - 7 - Very lively with good movement. Cold have shown more composure a couple of times but going to be an important player.


Reach - 8 - You wish he was a bit better than he s but this was a terrific cameo full of energy and a class finish. Hopefully his confidence soars.

Abdi - 6 - Still looks like a reserve player which is very frustrating

McManaman - Not on long enough to shine.


Getting scary to think this team played no part:














And we have another six out on loan...


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That kind of hunger to succeed is infectious.

Chuffed for Jordan too.

Thought it was probably Hunt's best game of the season..apart from that one sloppy pass.

And Hutch doing his usual roy of the rovers

Forestieri had an off day.


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Could have gone to either of the Sams, and almost gave my vote to Reach after his impact - what a contribution!


Settled on Winnall though. Worked his arse off, got his goal and could have hat a hat trick if he hadn't snatched at a couple of the half-chances.


If Carlos was an option in the poll, he'd walk it. Fantastic performance from the gaffer.

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I usually just vote. But have decided to join the rankings gamers!


 Westwood - 7-  He never really looked under too much pressure. I was pleased to see that we mixed things up and that now and again he was looking for the quick drop kick and not bowling the ball out to the defence everytime. Great catch from an insidious inswinging cross at 0-0 which really gives confidence to the back four.


Hunt -7-  I've always preffered palmer defensivly, and Hunt offensivly. Tonight he proved with that delicious cross what he is capable of when he is fully focused on the job in hand. Superb cross for the Winnall goal. Want to see more of that. But most of all I was impressed with his focus on his defensive work.


Fox- 6.5 - I really liked the look of the boy. I thought he was solid. Brings an urgency to the role at left back, and that's something that I like to see in defenders. Obviously only his second game and he's going to have to get used to the team, the style and the division but so far very good and hopefully more to come.


Loovens - 7 Thought he had a great game again.  I'll hold my hands up, with him playing with that injury last season I was concerned that he might be entering the final hurdle. But he had been superb this season. I loved the header when he just stood his ground with their big lad. It was all about strength and desire to get in front and win the header. Terrific. 


Sasso -6.5- There was the crazy moment when he ducked a header, but other than that I thought he looked really comfortable. For a lad who barely gets a kick he's come in and done an excellent job. Just shows that with a run of games lads can play themselves into form. 


Wallace -7.5-  An attacking player, but the way he got up and down showed that he can perform a job for the team when asked by the manager. I think anyone would agree he's a proper attacking player, but his tracking back was superb.  He has really got the bit between his teeth at the moment and has been one of the reasons that we have been picking up points during this tough spell. 


Bannan -7- Looked more like the old Bazza. Buzzing around with verve and energy. Little passes around the corner. Trying to get on more (which he can do when Hutch plays- anyone who thinks he's been playing deep off his own bat must be missing something)  I also thought he did really well with his battling tonight, Lets be honest he's a wee lad, and they had 3 big units in the middle there and he gave as good as he got.  The diamond formation that Birmingham played gave Bannan and Hutchinson so much work to do when Brum had possession of the ball that they had to be so focused and aware of making defensive angles because they could go man to man because of the simple maths of it showed great awareness and decscion making in when to close down, when to sit off and when to cut angles. Really pleased with the lad.


Hutchinson -7.5-  As above. The basic numerical disadvantage facing Hutch and Baz because of the two teams opposing systems meant this was always going to be a trying night when brum attacked. But Hutch was magnificent. It's actually getting to a stage where it's becoming expected of him to be awesome. Yes, he hit the post with that defensive header. But for me, great defending. That's sometimes a chance that has to be taken. Miss that ball and it's a knock in for some one anyway. Would have still been the right decision even if it had gone in. The tackling as always was glorious. But some of the big switch passes also showed just why this kid was such a hot prospect in his youth. 


Fernando -6.5- Not his greatest game and he did in the opening stages leave Fox 2v1 a couple of times. But this is one of our most attacking players. There is always that danger that it was going to happen. I have been one of those calling for his to play on the left. Though left of a front 3. Not left of a midfield four. Two quite, quite different roles. And not just in the positioning on the pitch but in the responsibilities and roles that come with those tactical nuances. He did look a bit grumpy when he came off.  But I've seen Hirsty call a manager a c*nt after being subbed. Players do hate coming off. There's no mountain to be made out of that molehill no matter how hard the press might try and push it and make nothing into 'a story'. Won lots of free kicks in dangerous areas and helped us hold the ball when we were under some pressure. 


Rhodes -7- The goal came as nothing of a surprise, as it won't to anyone else. The lads entire being is about scoring goals. What I did see though, and it's something I never saw when he played for Huddersfield was a terific work rate outside the box . There is a theory in football that you can let your best players off with doing the ugly jobs because of the other things they bring to the table. But it was so evident to see that despite the lads tremendous extraordinary goalscoring feats, he's no Bertie Big B0llocks. He's a team man, that was quite evident. And was great to see. 


Winnall -7.5- My man of the match.  As I have just said about Rhodes. Sometimes goalscorers in particular can fob off the defensive side of the game. The hard working side of the game. Not this lad. Oh yes, he's got a huge desire to get in the box, but his movement out of it was flawless in giving our defenders an out ball when we were under pressure.  Some of his link play with the midfield was really good especially at times with Bannan and Wallace. He could have had a couple more goals, but i won't be scalding him for that because he was in there getting on the end of chances. He had to overstretch for a couple, but I think that showed his desire to get on the end of things that sometimes he wasn't the favourite for.  

Finally, he was heading things out of our box. It might seem a small thing. And some might not have noticed but he was doing a lot of marking and defensive work when they had free kicks, throws in our last third.  He also wasn't afraid of getting his face in where the boots are. Not afraid of getting hurt, and my ,somewhat old fashioned book that uis a much undervalued quality in the modern footballer. 


Reach -7-  I have become tired of defending Reach over recent weeks. If people can't see that the boy has been asked to take up certain positions and have specific instructions in what to do when he has the ball then there's not point going over old ground. 

Tonight, with the team in a good position when he came on, Carlos clearly asked him to play a more attacking role than he usually does. And he showed, what many have suspected all along - that there is a good player in there with a  engine capable of running at people creating chances and scoring goals himself.  Well done that lad.


McManaman -7-  Is it right that I give him such a high score when he was only on ten minutes. Well, yes it is. Some of his link play was very good in that last ten. The little triangles we were playing and it was his interception (from taking up an excellent angled position before the attempted pass was cut out) that led to the last goal. 


Abdi - 6.5- Neat and tidy. Didn't give the ball away and was always available to receive. I'm glad to see him getting some minutes under his belt because he previous pedigree shows us that he has a real quality which he can exert at this level.  I'd still like to see him and Bannan ahead of Hutchinson in a three man midfield but it looks like that will remain a mere daydream for me. Still, as long as we're winning 3-0 every week I won't mind!


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Hutch MOM,

Fox good despite having Nando going missing all the time.

Winnal and Rhodes looked good together.

Hunt good game.

Nando, didn't look up for it.

Bannon,For me he wasn't in the first half, better second half.

Loovens and Sasso, OK but they did hit the woodwork 3 times

Wallace, not his best game

Abdi, Cool smooth silky

Reach, who said he was rubbish? He isn't.

MacManamannnnn,  game was over by then.



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Westwood - 7 - Despite them playing well at times he never looked troubled probably only the hutch header that he wouldnt have got to .

Hunt - 8 - One of his beter games in a wednesday shirt given how much he was tested and the assist.

Loovens - 8 - Quality as always could play games in his slippers

Sasso - 7 - Not quite as good as loovens but two games two clean sheets doesnt look out of place

Fox - 8 - Good performance after watching pudil this season its good to see an athletic fullback again.

Wallace - 7 - Has hit some form again great cross for the first goal

Bannan - 7 - Decent enough not his best performance of recent games a little weak in the tackle at times

Hutchinson - 8 - Good to have him back a vital player in games like that where the opposites get on top for a period so many blocks and interceptions.

Forestieri - 6 - The balance of the team was better with him on the left but I think mcmanam can probably do what ff  can do from the left and with a bit more work rate its good to not have to rely on him anymore given his attitude at times this season hasnt helped the team.

Rhodes - 7 - Typical rhodes performance great goal and decent all round game but not as involved as other were

Winnall - 8 - Great performance and desire probably should have had more goals but was a menace to there back line and you could see what it means to him


Reach - 8 - Great cameo strong runs and a great finish for the goal good to see he can make an impact from the bench as for some home games I think its better to start with other players out wide left.

Abdi - 7 - Classy cameo was great to be able to bring on three subs who all looked at the same level

McManaman - 6 - Not long on but still made a decent contribution with the interception for the reach goal

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Westwood - 8 - Looked comfortable all game, saved what he had to, didn't spill anything. Only beaten by a wonder strike, that thankfully hit the bar. 


Hunt - 7 - Caused problems going forward, caused us problems with his defending at times. But we kept a clean sheet, and he produced a wonderful cross for Winnalls goal, so can't fault him.


Sasso - 7 - Seems to be getting mroe and more comfortable with every game he plays. Seems much more relaxed and composed. Gave Hunt plenty of freedom to roam tonight with him spreading further out wide when we attack. 


Loovens - 7 - Typical performance from him. Strong and commanding. 


Fox - 8 - Looks good going forward, was unprotected by Forestieri tonight up against a winger and rampaging fullback. Great to see a left back close down the winger, and win the ball. 


Wallace - 8 - Class for 60 mintues, got a great assist, created a great chance for Winnall too. But then seemed to fade out of the game. Good to see him back in form. 


Hutch - 10 - A beast. He's always a beast. But his passing range just seems to keep improving! Spreaded some lovely pinging balls across field today. 


Bannan - 7 - Showed his class at times, and went missing at others. Always running and tracking back, but didn't get involved much further forward. Maybe targeted a bit today by more physical players.


Forestieri - 7 - Kept running, and created space for Winnall and Rhodes. Few passes that forced Birmingham into some great last ditch interceptions. 


Rhodes - 8 - Always a danger. Great header for the goal. How Robinson didn't get 5 yellows today I don't know. 3rd minute of the game, took Rhodes out clear on goal. Yellow every time if it's 30 mins later in the game, and if so, he wouldn't have been able to keep taking people out with every chance he got. 


Winnall - 9 - Was debated if he'd work with Rhodes, as they are similar. But his work ethic, allowed Rhodes to stay central and pose a threat. Got in some great positions, and got a really good goal. 




Reach - 8 - Best game for us. When he starts, that's the directness we've been missing. We know he can do that, but he seems so reserved. Today, he came on full of energy and got at them. He was dangerous from the second he got on the pitch. And such a composed finish to wrap up the game. I've been one of his critics, but deserves the credit tonight. Does he warrant a start? I'm not sure, because he was more effective from the bench, than he has been in his starts.


Abdi - N/A - Not enough time to really rate him. But looks like he maybe starting to work his way into his plans. The quality is there.


CM - N/A - Did he touch the ball?

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Much better tonight.


Westwood 7 - didn't actually need to do that much as the woodwork saved us!


Hunt 7 - MUCH better, especially on the ball. Still poor at times but he needs to take confidence from those excellent crosses he put in.

Loovens 9 - MOM for me. Didn't put a foot wrong and led the line in a game where we actually came under a lot of pressure.

Sasso 7 - did ok but is still too lightweight for me. Played some good balls forward.

Fox 7 - Pretty 'no-nonsense' but did ok and seems an upgrade on Pudil.


Wallace 7 - tried hard and a great assist with the free kick, but personally I'd like to see McManaman start.

Hutch 8 - was everywhere. Hugely important player for us.

Bannan 6 - great at times, but not often enough. Went missing for a large part of the game. Off the ball is extremely weak.

Nando 6 - another game where it didn't come off for him. I was pleased to see him start on the left but it didn't quite work out they I was hoping.


Rhodes 8 - great header for the goal. Lots of intelligent headers/flick ons. I am a huge fan of his. 

Winnall 8 - worked his balls off and deserved a goal which he took very well. Could have had a couple more but lacked composure - made up for it with his work ethic.




Reach 8 - was involved in 2 out of the 3 goals tonight. I thought dropping him was the right decision but he came on and did well. Was pleased to see him score.


Abdi 8 - thought it was the right change and he did well when he came on. Obviously an intelligent player who we need to utilise more IMO.


McManaman 7 - lively as ever. Would like to see him start.


Carlos - much better this week. Not an amazing performance but we did the job, scored goals and were a lot more positive. We started exceptionally well and played some nice stuff in patches. We rode our luck again at times but overall our quality shone through. Can't really fault your team selection tonight. 

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Went Winnall, thought he worked his nads off and has that 'old fashioned' centre forward look about him.


His goal was better than it first looked, the defender got a touch, but Winnall's determined lunge made sure it wasn't going anywhere but the back of the net.


Really excited and hopeful of the Rhodes/Winnall partnership, early days, but it's looking good so far.

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