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Sheffield Wednesday 1996/97 Season Video Compilation

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vs Aston Villa at 3:06 mark


vs Leeds at 0:37 mark


vs Newcastle


vs Leicester


vs Derby at 3:20 mark


vs Wimbledon at 1:05 mark


vs Blackburn Rovers at 2:37 mark


vs Coventry at 3:46 mark


vs Southampton at 3:03 mark


vs Nott'm Forest at 0:46 mark


vs Sunderland at 3:37 mark


vs West Ham at 4:20 mark


vs Tottenham at 3:02 mark


vs Arsenal at 2:40 mark


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3 hours ago, aeroswfc said:

Brilliant season. 


I started following Wednesday the season after this, so watching us being top 5/6 all season in the weekly updated table is bitter sweet. I must be an omen!

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Part 2 - Dec. 28th to seasons end.


vs Chelsea at 1:13 mark


vs Everton at 4:34 mark


vs Coventry at 6:30 mark


vs Derby at 1:56 mark


vs Southampton at 1:22 mark


vs Middlesborough


vs Sunderland at 1:10 mark


vs Leeds at 4:45 mark


vs Tottenham at 0:23 mark


vs Newcastle at 1:39 mark


vs Wimbledon at 5:54 mark


vs Blackburn at 0:50 mark


vs West Ham at 1:56 mark


vs Liverpool


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