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Poll: Man of the Match vs Bristol City...and your player ratings

Man of the Match vs Bristol City  

172 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your Man of the Match vs Bristol City?

    • Westwood
    • Palmer
    • Lees
    • Loovens
    • Fox
    • Wallace
    • Jones
    • Bannan
    • Winnall
    • Forestieri
    • Reach
    • Nuhiu
    • McManaman

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Bannan for me, ran the game.


Fox was very good first half, got plenty of space down the left as he hugged the touch line and put in numerous good crosses. Fantastic goal line clearance but think he tired 2nd half.


Foresteri also deserves a mention, got a goal and worked very hard. 

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Bannan was a class above in midfield. 

Fox Wallace Reach all did well too. 

Game changed when Nuhiu came on, we lost the threat as he maybe won 1 header out of 20. 

Forgot Jones was on, didn't see him 1st half, he was v quiet

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I thought Fox did very well. Was always available on the left and put some dangerous balls in. Also had to cover for Reach but thats a different story.


Westwood - 6 - didnt do anything wrong. was frustrated by lack of movement to distribute to.

Fox - 8 - Composed full back performance.

Lees - 5 - Not much to report. A lazy looking trip on Tomlin for the penalty and some dodgy clearances that went up rather than away

Loovens - 5 - Solid enough but struggled to shackle Abraham. Showing his age a little

Palmer - 6 - Didnt have too many problems down his wing but delivery was poor more than once

Wallace - 7 - Took his goal well and wasn't afraid to run at defenders

Jones - 5 - Did OK. pretty anonomous really

Bannan - 6 - picked some great passes and worked hard to keep Tomlin quiet

Reach - 3 - Didn't like his performance one bit (assist aside). Poor touch killed our build up 4 or 5 times and look slow in attack and defence

Forestieri - 6 - Trying very hard but just not getting the breaks he deserves. Wants too many touches. needs to pull the trigger quicker

Winnall - 6 - Didnt play to his strengths so struggled to get into the game. Fighting a losing battle in the air with big centre backs

Nuhiu - 4 - Was the wrong substitution to make early but thats not his fault. Worried opposites in the air and tried to hold it up but offered no threat to goal.

McManaman - n/a - didnt see enough of the ball to get involved. would have liked to see him on for Reach much earlier.


Carlos - 4 - Love the guy but got it all wrong in the second half. City were there for the taking and we sat in and offered them points

Bullen - 9  - Lovely dink onto the crossbar during the warm up.

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Westwood - 6. Couldn't do anything about either goal.

Palmer - 5. Switched off at times in the first half and they targeted his side at the start of the second. Did just about OK.

Fox - 8. Really pleased with his debut. Looks nice and mobile, advances forward well and looks to cross early, defensively sound as well. Real positive.

Jones - 7. Neat and tidy, finds space well and uses the ball efficiently.

Bannan - 8. MOM. Always available, some great balls switching the play. Found Reach superbly for the first and then played in Wallace for the second. Shooting still awful.

Wallace - 7. Didn't do much first half but came into it in the second after drifting inside to look for the ball. Lovely composed finish.

Reach - 4. Made some decent runs including for the first goal but refuses to commit a defender and his touch is severely lacking for a £5m player. 

Winnall - 5. Hard to score him. We didn't give him much to work with and he came shorter looking to get involved. Won his fair share in the air against a giant.

Forestieri - 7. Worked tirelessly. A pest for their defenders and almost robbed the 'keeper and defence on a couple of occasions. Scored and almost made it 3-1 with a great jinking run.



Nuhiu - 0. Won nothing in the air.  More interested in pushing his man than challenging. No movement and never a threat. Helped Bristol City earn a point.

McManaman - 6. Not on long again but looks lively. Unlike Reach he DOES look willing to commit his fullback. Please start him Friday. 


CARLOS - 3. In no way should Carlos go but tonight was so frustrating. They are a poor side. Tomlin and Abraham apart they looked League 1 standard. Despite not controlling the game we looked the better team and got ourselves 2-1 ahead and were looking like adding a third as City had that familiar sinking feeling. Then he replaces Winnall with Nuhiu! We start looking for Nuhiu and give it back to them every time. Their goal was incredibly lucky but I just cannot understand that substitution. So frustrated. We are so cautious. Game was there to be won 4 or 5-1 after the second and the players knew it. Carlos stopped this happening.

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Hi Owls, City fan here.I won't vote as it's your poll but thought a view from the other side might be of interest.

I thought, and it seems the consensus among our supporters, that Bannan was superb last night. A player I would pay to watch TBH. He even took one for the team when he flattened Lee Tomlin.

Fox and Wallace caused us all sorts of problems at times and Foristieri was, as expected, a right pain in the arse as was Winnall at times.

What on earth was your guv'nor doing bringing the big lump on? I thought you lost a bit of impetus when he came on and Flint at the back for us beat him in the air every time.

Now you've got Rhodes, I think you'll go very close again as you play some great stuff albeit without the end result some of your play deserves.

I hope you don't mind the visit and all the best for the rest of the season, you've got a good side TBH.

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Good to see the game through other people's eyes now and again. Most posters today also thought that substitution was a game changer - someone to maybe bring on when you're in the lead with 5 mins to go to mark Aden Flint at set pieces, but never with 20 mins to go with our opponents looking demoralised. Bannan did run the show until Tomlin occasionally perked up. Our bright spot was the debut of Morgan Fox - having taken his predecessor Rhoys Wiggins from Charlton in the past I was dreading more of the same but Fox seems OK in the tackle and his crossing on the left put Palmer on the right to shame last night. All in all - both sides have faltered since we met at Hillsborough, but now we have Rhodes if Bannan and others can supply the ammo.

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