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Owls target star striker Terry Henfleet

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1 hour ago, tuttuttut said:

Spotted him in Sheffield yesterday with another bloke, thought it was him but with no links to him this season I thought better of it.


Was obviously him then, so excited if we pull this off.

Source? or it didnt happen 

FFS this is the vardy thing all over again?  Just seen this on twitter  that he had a trial with us as a kid and we sent him packing 

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14 minutes ago, wednesdayok said:

Heard we might be signing SUPERCALI FRAGELISTIC from MARS UNITED FC but these rumours ARE EXPECTED TO BE ATROCIOUS

Out of this world

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Finally, been waiting for years for us to in a position to be able to afford him.  I've been following his career ever since we were first linked with him as an acadamy player.

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11 hours ago, @owlstalk said:

slot right in alongside another Owls signings, with the rumoured return of Owen Morrison.

Booked myself an appointment at specsavers after reading over this part of the thread more than a few times,

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