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Newcastle predictions

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Guest The Horse

We look better and play better away from home this season as teams just try to stifle us at home.

Newcastle won't sit back so will be good for us for a change and as a result can see us getting at least two. 

I'm thinking it'll be a very open and entertaining game with us turning out deserved winners.

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5 hours ago, Kagoshimaowl said:

Have I missed something? Why is Hutch likely to be out?

He struggled through the last quarter of the game v rovrum with an apparent groin injury. Would have gone off had we not used all our subs. Be great if he's available but it may be doubtful

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1 hour ago, Prendo's boots said:

I reckon this'll be a 'cracker' (pun intended!)... I liken it to the game on Sky a couple of yrs ago when we went to Hull and whooped em 3-1 when for some unknown reason our normal steady away game plan just went out of the window and we went for it and were clinical on the break!! Soooo we'll win and follow it up with a dull as dishwater 1-1 in the next home game with a MASSIVE crowd in just to keep the moaners happy!!

it's actually "ditchwater" 


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Newcastle have lost 3 at home to what can only be described as "mediocre" sides.

2nd game of season lost to Huddersfield, who won't be up there come May.

Lost to Wolves but made 5-6 changes to line up that thrashed QPR 6-0  the game previous.

Lost to Balckburn, but Blackburn had a wow of a game that day...


If we catch them cold and go for it from the off then it will be a close game.

Main thing for me is to not let Shelvey & Diame, their midfield power-houses, dominate the game and also, for one of our CB's to tactically & tactfully boot 10 bales out of Dwight Gayle early doors.

Hutch (if fit) v Shelvey will be a cracking tussle, and can see both getting reds..


Also hope it's a good game to sort of make up for what we had to sit through on Saturday..

Unfortunately, head ruling heart on this and I'm predicting a close 2-1 defeat..

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