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Phew.....but goals and Creativity at times are poor

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6 minutes ago, pgmetcalf said:


Bambi has enough pace and so does Bannan. Pace is not an issue, indecision and vision is


This, our centre halfs & centre mid rarely drive forward & ,comit players. Hutch tries it  but it's not his game.


Westwood showed Lees & loosens, how to do it.

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28 minutes ago, mike312 said:

We are far too predictable, slow, lack movement and tempo. Fessi gives us pace and invention, Bannan gives us the invention. I'm glad we won of course as Rotherham were awful, we were better but played right into their hands.

We always seem to struggle aganst the poorer sides.

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23 minutes ago, S36 OWL said:

I agree with a lot of the points, but yet again the match stats prove we ARE creative . 23 shots ,but only 6 on target .



That tells me our problem is putting the. chances away . we are desperate for a striker who will take those chances , and for me we need Jordan Rhodes badly. 

Agree with this. I suppose you can debate what a " chance " consitues, because what classifies as a chance on the stats board, might not be what people imagine. But there is no question that we seem to fail to capitalize on the chances we do make.

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15 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

Excellent OP.


Sums up everything. 


No creativity without FF and BB. Not enough goals without both of FF and Hoops. One is bad enough, but both!

Hopefully Hooper will be back soon. No time span has been given for his injury. At least Forestieri will be back amd hopefully Bannan too.

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Rotherham were truly awful.

We had all our creativity ripped out of us today, too many out and losing Abdi and lee just set us back further.


its the kind of performance I was expecting against a team with 11 men behind the ball, were time wasting from the first minute and despite being a dozen points adrift they came for a point. Bizarre 

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4 hours ago, Mick De Lyons said:

Sometimes you have a full strength team, play well and get nothing. This time, we have played two games with an under strength side, played very average and come away with two wins, an own goal, a disallowed goal and a penalty. It;s how it goes at times.

its a funny old game innit?

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The only area of our team that was up to near strength was the defence - and they played well for the most part.

Midfield - Bannan missing, Abdi injured, Lee off at half time - that's three of our most creative players gone.

Strikers - Two best strikers out - Fletch needs a runner around him, like FF or Lee, and Joao got into some great positions but can't finish this season.


Like a previous poster, I wondered who was going to score towards the end. Was just hoping that one of the strikers would get a clean shot on goal or Wallace would come good. Am I right in thinking we had one cleared off the line? I was at the other end of the pitch so couldn't get a clear view and I'm not sure who it was either.

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Palmer Lees Loovens Reach 

Wallace Hutchinson Jones 

     Fletcher Joao Nuhiu 


Think I am right in saying that's the team that finished the game.


That has done pretty well today considering the attacking talent missing. 

Yes we may have been poor and lacking in creativity but all that's really important in derby games is the result, which we got.

This type of game with that type of team would have not ground out a result last season, same goes for the Barnsley game. but we seem to be made of stronger stuff this time. Long may it continue.


Well Done Wednesday

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