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The Sam Hutchinson Appreciation Thread.

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Last night's red card incident sums Hutchinson up for me: most modern players would have been rolling around on the floor trying to get Hammill sent off, but not Sam.


He was straight back up on his feet chasing after the ball, only for Hammill to shove him in the back!


Considering the awful injuries he's suffered, and the fact that his career was for all intents and purposes over at one point, it's great to see the attitude Hutchinson adopts towards the game: he seems to approach every game like it could be his last, and long may it continue.

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When he plays in midfield it is like a throwback to a bygone era. 


Crunching tackles, pinging the ball about and a goal for all his efforts. 


A proper "all action" midfield performance. 


Was an awesome display from him last night. 

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Just now, York_Owl said:

That's how you celebrate a goal...a two footed diving tackle, none of that Sturridge "dance" or Peter Crouch robot nonsense.

Was awesome. 


He's such a powerhouse. 


Absolute beast. great leader and talisman. 

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Would not swap him for any other player in this league, and is surely the best player of his type in the championship. An amazing talent and has mental strength as deep as a well.  How we keep him going I will never know given his physical problems.

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8 hours ago, Mr. Tom said:



this a screen grab of Hutcho flying in to a tackle? :D


The man is absolutely class on field. Touch, composure, control, passing, defending, positioning, heading, tackling, aggression, leadership, commitment, passion and consistency. Practically everything.


His first 2 seasons with us, I thought he was overly aggressive, rash and really quite naive in that he wanted play football after being out for so long and wanted to showcase that he was a real talent and thus kept getting injured or suspended. Since then though, the last 2 seasons he's been a model of maturity.


You have to take your hat off to him to come back from what he's been through, to be touted as the next John Terry to then have to retire due to dodgy knees to then come back, to being released before, and I think he knows that we have shown a tremendous amount of faith in him, being snapped up by us.


Its turned out to be an absolute steal and like others have mentioned, if it wasn't for his injuries in the past, he would be playing high end premier league football and for England. I honestly believe that he's one of the best English players in the country and I'm saying that without my blue and white tinted shades on. He really is that good.


Summer needs to bring about a new contract until he retires and then given a coaching role, also the captains armband next season and to build the squad around him.


FF offers goals and creativity but comes with the risks of not wanting to be here or not performing. Hutch offers everything, passion, fight and courage and consistency. 150% every game, no holding back.


Lot of ♥♥ for him


Flag with his face on definitely needed!

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