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Sheffield Wednesday Catchphrase - The Megathread

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With the aid of my spirit guides Roy Walker and Mr Chips, I made these puzzlers a while ago, but the shiny new 'Trivia and Quizzes' section seems to be their spiritual home, so I thought I'd post them all in one go in case anyone missed the original thread.




In this special Owlstalk edition of the game, each series of images is a clue to the name of one of your favourite Wednesday players - all you have to do is work out which one.


Don't forget to..."say what you see!"


  1. 1.png
  2. 2.png
  3. 3.png
  4. 4.png
  5. 5.png
  6. 6.png
  7. 7.png
  8. 8.png
  9. 9.png
  10. 10.png
  11. 11.png
  12. 12.png
  13. 13.png
  14. 14.png
  15. 15.png
  16. 16.png
  17. 17.png
  18. 18.png
  19. 19.png
  20. 20.png
  21. 21.png
  22. 22.png
  23. 23.png
  24. 24.png
  25. 25.png
  26. 26.png
  27. 27.png
  28. 28.png
  29. 29.png
  30. 30.png
  31. 31.png
  32. 32.png
  33. 33.png
  34. 34.png
  35. 35.png
  36. 36.png
  37. 37.png
  38. 38.png
  39. 39.png
  40. 40.png
  41. 41.png
  42. 42.png
  43. 43.png
  44. 44.png
  45. 45.png
  46. 46.png
  47. 47.png
  48. 48.png
  49. 49.png
  50. 50.png
  51. 51.png
  52. 52.png
  53. 53.png
  54. 54.png


If you enjoy these, there are some cracking ones dreamt up by other posters in the original thread in the Matchday section.


I just hope you enjoy them as much as Mr Chips does...


Mr Chips.gif

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