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Sheffield Wednesday Quiz #6 - The 1990s

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Many of you will be familiar with the rules but for those who aren't please see rules below.

Subject: The 1990's


- Each question must be answered with a valid answer for that question. Any answer that is invalid will receive the maximum score for that question.
- All questions must be answered, not answering a question will receive the maximum score for that question.
- Answers that are completely wrong will receive the maximum score for that question.
- You must PM me your answers BY MIDNIGHT SATURDAY 19TH ***NOVEMBER***,
 DO NOT post your answers in this thread!
- Wikipedia/Google used at your own discretion. It allowed to be used it's totally up to you but where's the fun in that - as the song goes, if you use fkg Google you're a blade.

- Scoring will be done after all entries are received.
- The score given for each question will be equal to the number of players with that same answer (example: If the question was to name a vowel and 3 people say E while 8 people said A those who said E will be scored 3 for that answer while those who said A will be scored 8).
- The final score will be the product of the scores (example: if there were 3 questions and your scores were 3, 8 and 7 your final score would be 3 * 8 * 7 = 168).
- The winner is the player with the lowest final score.


IMPORTANT - All answers that require an answer from the 1990's must have happened from 01/01/1990 to 31/12/1999. If you choose something from the 1989/90 or 1999/2000 season be aware that if your answer creeps into a different decade this will be scored incorrect. (also don't miss question 12 below the second picture round!)


1. Name any of Chris Waddle's former clubs (professional only)

2. Name any country Chris Waddle played against for England (Senior caps only)

3. Name any of Chris Waddle's team mates from the 1990 World Cup photo below

Waddle Team Mates.png

4. Name any of Carlton Palmer's former clubs (professional only)

5. Name any country John Sheridan played against for Republic of Ireland (Senior caps only)

6. Name any team Wednesday beat on route to winning the 1990/91 League Cup

7. Name any team Wednesday beat away in a 1990's league fixture.

8. Name any club Wednesday played against in the Premier League in the 1990s

9. Name any Wednesday player that scored 5 or more league goals in any season in the 1990s. (first half of 89/90 and second half of 99/00 season is accepted)

10. Name any goalkeeper that started a league game for Wednesday in the 1990s.

11. Name any of Carlton Palmer's former team mates from the picture below.

Palmer Team Mates.png


12. And finally...something a bit different. Name any band or artist that had a number 1 single in the 1990s. (UK Official Charts)

Edited by Neal M
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Thanks for all the answers.


Congratulations to @frastheowl who gets his first win and narrowly beats Kivo.


1990s answers.png


1990s Scores.png


Palmer Team Mates Answers.png


Waddle Team Mates.png

Top Row: Stuart Pearce, Des Walker, Paul Gascoigne, Peter Shilton, Gary Lineker, John Barnes

Bottom Row: Peter Beardsley, Gary Stevens, Bryan Robson, Terry Butcher


Can't be bothered to run through all the answers this time but my favourite was @frastheowl's terrific spot of Andy Dibble from the picture round.

Unfortunately EMF and Erasure didn't manage a number 1 in the 1990s and Lance Key's solitary appearance was in the FA Cup.


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Can't believe I won that. Felt sure there'd be at least one incorrect answer, between Waddle's England cap, Sheridan's Ireland cap and the away victory in the 90's. All three guesses to some an extent.


Nearly went for Lance Key on the goalkeeper aswell...


On another day, I could've easily finished last!


Good quiz though.

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