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Reach - Poor again today

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3 minutes ago, TINKERBELL said:

No worse than any of others today. 

5 million pound player, had a number of opportunities facing up against one defender on our left hand side. Had no impact. If you ant a dribbler thats fine, but get a cross over. He has shown literally nothing that justifies that price tag, or us having got him at any money really.

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2 minutes ago, TINKERBELL said:

We looked better when he came on.

Wallace never puts a foot wrong and holds his position incredibly well. Gets enough crosses in that enough ofthem are decent and always contributes forward and back. How him and FF arnt on the wings behind Fletch with 3 centre mids is beyond me.

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£9 million on Adam Reach and Almen Abdi. 

All the years we've had to scrape a few quid together to get loan players and cheap free signings. 

There has been a total disregard to our past worries. Absolute scandalous recruitment. 

We have never had money to spend, then when we do, we have the shambolic signings of these two. 


For this alone, Carlos needs to be held accountable. It's cruel how the money we have wasted could have been so useful to add some real quality to have a go this season 

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11 minutes ago, mikecass919 said:

I don't remember seeing him do anything in any game really. Few shots here and there. Once or twice beat a man. There was a through ball in his first game....

missed a open net in the Brighton game if that counts

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I would be asking questions of our coaching staff. Where is the link up between full back and wide midfielder? Where are the runs at the full back or over lapping runs? Where are the balls in behind the full back? Nowhere to be seen. All we get is sideways and backwards. Ask any defender what their ideal scenario is and it would be for the opposition playing in front of them. We have periods where we dominate but have very little to show for it. Their first goal today came from someone that took responsibility and ran at his opponent.

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