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Definitely recommend the Royal Ontario Museum - one of the best collections of birds dinosaurs in the world. It's located in the university district. Has a good gay village too, if that's your cup of tea. Toronto Zoo is out on the eastern suburbs, but well worth the effort, although I think its pandas have now fizzed off elsewhere. 


Canadian Niagara never fails to amaze me that it is by far the more garish of the Niagara's, making the US one seem like Margate by comparison - if you like fluorescent mini-golf and every chain restaurant under the sun, Niagara Falls, Canada, is for you!. Canada does have the famous Horsehoe falls, though. 


Do a few wineery tours - and cycle between them - so you can drink as much as you like -  between Niagara and Niagara-on-the-Lake. The latter has a music festival in the Summer. It also has two decent craft Breweries (Oasthouse, on the outskirts, and one just opposite the Prince of Wales hotel). 


As @edmontonowlsays, there's no hockey in July, but the baseball is always available, as I think the Raptors (basketball) and Toronto FC, which won the MLS cup in 2017, but were dog-toffee last year. The MLS stadium is on the waterfront and baseball right in downtown. 


If you like a bit of wildlife, then head north of Toronto into 'cottage country' - Muskoka Lakes and Algonquin area, for the chance to see bears and moose, etc. There's also the Niagara Escarpment that runs from the Falls to the top of thw Bruce Peninsula, some 560km away; all of it a UNESCO Biodiversity Reserve. Also, the Great Lakes region is a great place to fish, go boating, etc. 


Also bring a lot of money; Toronto is expensive...

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Stratford for Shakespeare productions, as you like (see what I did there lol )

I guess Maid of the Mist is worth a go at Niagara. Gets you up close.


Take the ferry out to Toronto Island for a picnic

Go shopping at the Eaton Centre (is it still called that since Eaton's went bust?)


St. Lawrence Market for beer and oysters


Queen Street for the  arts/music scene

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22 hours ago, edmontonowl said:

Laura Secord's house. Queenstown monument


If you're into the War of 1812


And let's face it....................................who isn't


In that case, there's also Fort Erie and Fort George National Historic Site, in Niagara on the Lake. 

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Hi all,


Booked a week here at the end of October. Air BnB in Little Italy near Kensington Markets.


All seems positive from people that have been... Planning on just walking everywhere since I'll have time to myself.


Any obvious avoids that I need to be aware of?


Aussie x

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got back a couple of weeks ago - thanks to all those who pointed out things to do. 


Had a great time and did so many things. Great city, and would recommend. 


Aussieowl - get yourself a presto card for the street cars (trams) $3.20 for a 2 hour unlimited usage. Goes right past the kensington area on Spadina Avenue. 


Would agree with DVDA - its a bit expensive - especially for wine - cheapo bottles being offered at $50 in restaurants. 


Did Niagra Falls (awesome) / Niagra on the Lake / Winery tour with VIP tours for about £90 each (including maid on the mist boat ride)

baseball was good

Ripleys aquarium was really good. 

CN tower was OK

sailed round the islands on Kajama boat trip - OK

St lawrence market for the famous pea meal bacon sandwich - carousel bakery

Distillery district was nice. 

waterfront was good - amsterdam brewhouse had good food and beer. Also went to The Slip here too - bit cheaper, but nice food and beer. 


As for avoiding anywhere - i have to say this was the safest i felt in any city i've been anywhere on the planet. There is a lot of homelessness, but they are not in your face like some places. Everyone seems pretty friendly - really enjoyed it. 



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